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Instructional Technology Collaborators (ITCs) report to the Instructional Technology Specialist and are the student staff members within the Digital Education Collaborative (DEC). The ITCs are active participants in providing the support and structure behind the University’s commitment to teaching and learning excellence through the effective application of instructional technology. ITCs, supported by the professional staff team within the DEC, will provide one-on-one support to faculty, staff, and students regarding their use of instructional technology.

ITCs are available to assist with troubleshooting instructional technology issues and developing an instructional technology solution to best meet your desired educational outcome(s). General instructional technologies supported include:

  • Canvas
  • iPads and apps
  • screen capturing and interactive classroom tools
  • Video conferencing via WebEx or PolyCom
  • Promethean or Smart Boards
  • Podcasting
  • WordPress

>>>>> To request the assistance of an ITC, please contact us directly.

In addition to providing support, Instructional Technology Collaborators engage in:

>>>>> Meet our ITC’s or learn more about becoming an ITC.

Instructional Technology Collaborators do not engage in information technology support, which includes but is not limited to:

  • installation of hardware or software;
  • resetting of passwords;
  • anything related to computer security or computer networks on campus;
  • repair/modification of Longwood-owned hardware, including computers and other equipment in the classroom;
  • anything related to phones, wireless and wired internet connectivity.

If you need help with the above information technology issues, please contact the Help Desk.


Meet our student staff

   Carrie | David | Deja | Emmy | Erin | Kamarin Katie | Kayla | Paige | Tristan | Wesley

Become an ITC

We are not currently accepting applications for ITC positions. Please check back in the fall for information about recruitment in the 2017-2018 school year. ITCs provide one-on-one support to faculty, staff, and students regarding use of instructional technology. Areas supported include, but are not limited to: Canvas iPads and apps screen capturing and interactive classroom …

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