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We are currently working on updating our schedule for Fall 2018. If you have ideas or requests for professional development sessions, please e-mail Ashley Leslie at

Check back often as this page may be updated with additional opportunities and session descriptions.


January 10th, 10am-11:30am
Open Support Hours, Center for Communication Studies and Theatre Room 204
DEC staff will be available during for face-to-face support. Stop by with any questions or assistance requests you need.
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January 11th, 10am-11:30am
Open Support Hours, Chichester Room G13
DEC staff will be available during for face-to-face support. Stop by with any questions or assistance requests you need.
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January 12th, 10am-11:30am
Open Support Hours, Hiner Room 101
DEC staff will be available during for face-to-face support. Stop by with any questions or assistance requests you need.
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February 21st,  12pm to 1pm
Lunch and Learn: Canvancements, Dorrill Dining Hall Annex
Canvas isn’t perfect and despite their version-less platform which updates every three weeks, we often find ourselves limited. Maybe our end goal is not possible or the resources required (i.e., time) to meet the end goal are prohibitive, we long to find a way to work smarter and not harder with Canvas. Inspired by a professor of mathematics at an Illinois community college, Canvancements (aka: Canvas Enhancements) were born. This #DECLnL will review three Canvancements: changing due dates, publish/unpublish, and mute/unmute status for all learning activities in one place; listing items alphabetically when adding content to a module; and drag/drop course tiles on your Canvas Dashboard. Attendees will gain the tools they need, including the opportunity to practice, to achieve previously unattainable goals. To capitalize on this opportunity we recommend users bring their own laptop.
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March 14th, 2:00pm-3:00pm
Poll Everywhere, Ruffner 146 Digital Den
Poll Everywhere transforms lectures and presentations into interactive, engaging sessions that allow students  to actively participate in the class discussion or lecture. This web-based response system allows students to instantly respond to questions embedded into lectures and provides up-to-the-minute feedback for faculty, which can help determine student understanding and direct the flow of the lecture. This session will provide steps to integrate Poll Everywhere into the face-to-face classroom to enhance lectures to include all students.
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April 3rd, 2:15pm-3:15pm
Creating a Dynamic Course Homepage, Ruffner 146 Digital Den
Visual design is a crucial part of designing and developing course content online. Studies show it takes less than a second for students to develop an opinion of an online course and this opinion is often based on the look and feel of the course entry page. This session will provide faculty the opportunity and skills to create a dynamic course homepage that will enhance the online classroom and hold student attention. Participants in this workshop will have the opportunity to view a variety of Canvas course homepages, discuss options for creating a homepage, and have hands-on time to begin working on their own homepage.
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April 10th, 2:15pm-3:15pm
Creating Personalized Video for Your Canvas Course, Ruffner 146 Digital Den
Instructor-made videos included in Canvas courses can allow students to feel more connected to the instructor, builds the feeling of an online community,  and helps students better understand course material. Videos can be anything from  a short course welcome or unit overview to a more in-depth topic discussion or chapter review. This session will provide faculty with the tools and skills to create personalized videos that can be included in Canvas courses quickly and easily.
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April 17th, 2:15pm-3:15pm
Meeting Students Where They Are: An Introduction to WebEx, Ruffner 146 Digital Den
Faculty and students often want, or need to engage with one another outside of the face-to-face environment; and in online classes, face-to-face  interaction can be lost altogether. Meeting students where they are, in the online world, can bridge the gap and allows students to feel that synchronous interaction they desire. Virtual meetings can include office hours, weekly Q&A sessions, mini-lessons, 1on1 conferences, etc. This session will introduce faculty to WebEx, an online meeting space. Faculty will learn the skills and knowledge to successfully meet with students in a virtual environment.
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April 24th, 2:15pm- 3:15pm
Tips and Tricks for Online Teaching, WebEx Webinar
Online teaching can often feel overwhelming, and sometimes daunting, for both new instructors and those seasoned in the online format. Through time and experience, many in the online teaching  world have learned various tips and tricks that can help ease the load. This session will provide faculty with information and ideas that can be implemented into their own online classes.
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  • Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop to workshops. Laptops may be provided to those who need one.
  • Webinar registrants, will receive a separate email containing further instructions to join.
  • For any questions or accommodation requests, please contact Ashley Leslie

DEC Quick Learn Professional Development

DEC Quick Learn Recordings provide Longwood University faculty on-demand professional development sessions. The video sessions below are meant provide general overviews of various technologies that can be integrated into courses. For more detailed training, support or one-on-one help, please contact the DEC. Also, be sure to check out our face-to-face Professional Development offerings as well! …

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