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#TTT: Honorlock – New Cheating Deterrent

The newest technology that the DEC will be supporting is Honorlock, a cheating deterrent software. As a cheating deterrent, like its predecessor Respondus Lockdown Browser, Honorlock is not a guarantee to prevent cheating. However, it does make cheating very difficult, and allows instructors to review footage of their students’ entire testing session for inconsistencies. There …

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#TechTipThursday: DIGILab goes mobile

As the spring semester brings changes, the offices of the Digital Education Collaborative have a new addition as well. The DIGILab has moved from Greenwood Library to Ruffner, with a focus on acting as a mobile makerspace for students, staff, and faculty. Despite the change in location, the DIGILab still features the same tools and …

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Final Vlog for Fall 2018

Second Vlog

Reduce Cheating with Respondus 4.0

When you think of Respondus, what comes to mind? From my discussions with professors, the first thing that comes to mind is Respondus Monitor and LockDown Browser. Respondus Monitor and LockDown Browser are very useful programs that allows for better online testing. They deter students cheating efforts. If your course runs LockDown Browser, it prevents …

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#TechTipThursday: Longwood’s Canvas Corner

Longwood University utilizes Canvas, by Instructure, as its learning management system. Each academic course automatically receives a corresponding space in Canvas. Although the extent of its use varies throughout the institution, the Digital Education Collaborative considers its administration and oversight of Canvas a quintessential responsibility surrounding the intentional integration of technology in educational environment. Some …

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First Vlog

*Videos* from 3rd Semi-Annual Student Tech Showcase

We held our third, semi-annual, Student Tech Showcase earlier this week. Three (3) members of the Instructional Technology Collaborator team spent approximately 15 minutes each connecting a DEC-supported technology to the teaching and learning experience. These presentations were part of the 4th tier of the ITC Badging Program and serve as the implementation component of a 3rd …

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3rd Semi-Annual Student Tech Showcase

*Special post for Longwood’s faculty and staff! We are excited to announce our third, semi-annual, Student Tech Showcase! This event will be held on Tuesday, August 28th, in the Digital Den (Ruffner 148), from 10 – 11 AM. Three (3) senior members of the Instructional Technology Collaborator team will spend 10-15 minutes each, connecting a DEC-supported technology to …

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#WhyITC: Wesley Marshall

In light of recruitment season and in lieu of a #TechTipThursday, one of our staff members wanted to highlight why he decided to join our team as an Instructional Technology Collaborator (ITC). Meet Wesley, a Business Administration major who is in his second semester as an ITC. Come say hello to him and our other …

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