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February 2020 DEC Newsletter

Unfavorite Course Image

February 2020: DEC OFFICE NEWS In this edition: Quick Tip: Clean-up your Canvas Dashboard; Review of Canvas Grade Posting Policy Quick Tip: Clean-up your Canvas Dashboard The course card dashboard automatically displays  course cards for up to 20 of your favorite courses. Did you know you can quickly reorganize or unfavorite course cards directly from …

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December 2019 DEC Newsletter

December 2019: DEC OFFICE NEWS In this edition: Intersession Reminders and Winter Break Updates Do you need help preparing/finalizing intersession courses? Make an appointment or stop by the DEC with any questions or support needs you have! DEC staff is available Monday-Friday 8am-7pm to help prepare your intersession courses with Panopto, Honorlock, WebEx, Canvas quizzes, …

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October 2019: DEC Newsletter

In this edition: Spring 2020 Courses, Updated Canvas Menu, Quick Tip _ _ _ _ _ _ Spring 2020 Courses Spring 2020 courses have been created in Canvas and are available to faculty. DEC staff is available to assist with Spring course preparations including cross-listing, course copy, setting up weighted grades, course design, etc. Feel …

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Webinar Basics

Webinar. You’ve probably heard the term, but do you truly know what a webinar is? Do you know how webinars can benefit instructors and students? A webinar is a meeting that takes place online where participants from various locations come together and interact as if they were face-to-face. Students are able connect with each other …

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Using Technology to Help Foster Classroom Connections

Building new connections and fostering valuable connections can be intimidating for both instructors and students, particularly those new to a university. Numerous studies have shown, when students have strong connections with instructors they reap positive benefits including better engagement in the classroom and higher self-confidence. As more faculty integrate technology, particularly Canvas, into all classroom …

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Benefits of e-Portfolios

An electronic portfolio, also known as an e-portfolio, is a digital collection of one’s learning or experiences over a period of time. Typically, e-portfolios include text, documents, images, multimedia, and articles, as well as personal interests, experiences, and achievements of the creator. When considering e-portfolios in education, there are many benefits for both faculty and …

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Increasing Learner Interaction

As educators, we know the purpose of learning activities is to guide learners down the path of mastering the course learning objectives. Well-planned learning activities align with course objectives and encourage learner interaction. Learning activities must have a clear purpose within the course and can take place in three different formats: learner to content, learner …

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What’s Your Canvas Role?


What’s Your Canvas Role?   Within a Canvas course, participants are designated with a specific role that has pre-determined permissions. The course-role and role permissions determine the type of interaction a user has with a course and the content within the course. At Longwood, there are five Canvas-roles that are used most often: Teacher, Teaching Assistant, …

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