December 2019 DEC Newsletter

December 2019: DEC OFFICE NEWS

In this edition: Intersession Reminders and Winter Break Updates

Do you need help preparing/finalizing intersession courses?

Make an appointment or stop by the DEC with any questions or support needs you have! DEC staff is available Monday-Friday 8am-7pm to help prepare your intersession courses with Panopto, Honorlock, WebEx, Canvas quizzes, module or assignment creation. Let us know how we can help you!
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 Are you planning to use Honorlock during intersession? 

If you are planning to use Honorlock with students during the Intersession semester, utilize the following tips:

  • Explain to students that Honorlock will be used. Provide detailed information in the course syllabus and via a Canvas Announcement. 
  • Ensure the Honorlock module is in your course for students to access. The module contains important information for students. 
  • Enable the Honorlock Practice Quiz. This is done through the Honorlock tab in your course. Encourage students to complete the practice quiz.
  • Double-check that the appropriate settings for an Honorlock enabled test are turned on/off.  

*Honorlock will provide support for faculty/students throughout the holiday break 24/7. Please refer to the Honorlock module for their support contact information.

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 DEC Holiday/Intersession Support Hours:

  • Beginning December 18th- January 1st the DEC will provide support to students and faculty through e-mail ONLY. Please send all support questions to All support questions will be answered within 24-hours with the exception of Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. 
  • Regular DEC Support both on-campus and via e-mail will resume on Thursday, January 2nd at 9am. 

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