#TechTipThursday- Bring Learning to the “Big Screen” with iMovie

Authored by: Sarah Myroup, ITC

iMovie is a free video editing software that can be downloaded on Mac computers. It’s a versatile tool that can be used for anything from short films to school projects. In this Tech Tip Thursday, we will be focusing on the latter, demonstrating how iMovie can bring learning to the big screen. We will discuss potential uses in a college classroom, commonly-used tools, and the ways in which this could revolutionize your classroom!

iMovie is easy to learn and gives users an unprecedented amount of creative freedom within a free program. This can be used by instructors and students alike to draw comparisons between different television shows or movies. With this editing software, they have the ability to select specific scenes and place them side by side, allowing for immediate comparisons to be made. Student videographers can create short films or newscasts for class without the need for expensive editing software. They can also record themselves giving presentations and upload the file into Panopto or Canvas, saving the need for paper reports or in-class presentations. Instead of powerpoints, students can even showcase projects in new ways. It is a different approach to slideshows that creates more engaging and professional content.

With these ideas in mind, the question becomes: how do I use iMovie? We will cover four basic features:

To select a starting point of an imported clip, select the letter “I” on your keyboard. To select the ending point, select the letter “O.” Then, drag and drop it into the project field!

To add a transition between clips, select the “Transitions” tab at the top of the program. Select the transition you’d like, and drag and drop into the project field!

To place text on a video, select the “Titles” tab at the top of the program. Drag and drop the text on top of the part of the video you’d like to have it play over. Then, double click on the text and change what it says at the top right window of the screen.

And finally, a user can adjust the audio of a clip by selecting the audio tab at the top right hand of the screen. They can scroll to determine their desired volume.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg with iMovie. There are plenty more features within the program that can revolutionize classroom practices. When videos are created using iMovie and uploaded to Panopto or Canvas, students can review the videos of their peers on their own time, allowing more in-class time to be used for learning. Students also have the advantage of filming presentations ahead of time, allowing them to feel more comfortable as they speak in front of a smaller audience and have ample time to rehearse prior to filming. Basic knowledge of video editing is a skill that can be used inside and outside of the classroom, and a versatile, free program such as iMovie is the perfect place to start! We encourage users to explore further and reach out to us at the DEC as needed. 

Make some magic happen by coming to the DEC to learn more about iMovie!

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