#TechTipThursday: Using Buffer for Social Media Management

With social media becoming a greater part of daily life with each day, people and organizations need to find ways of exporting their content out across websites such as Facebook and Twitter. The easiest way to manage a professional social media account is through platforms like Buffer.

Buffer allows users to link their organization’s social media accounts together, giving users the ability to create, schedule, and analyze posts for multiple social media sites at once.

Users begin by signing in to their various accounts on the Buffer homepage. From there, each account is shown on the left of the page, and one can switch from each social media account with a click.

The left side of the page shows the Twitter and Facebook accounts, allowing the user to change between accounts with a single click.

To schedule a post, select the account you wish to post in, and click the day you wish to post on. This will bring up a posting screen, where you insert the content (text, link, photo, video, etc.) that you want to post. From this screen, you can also adjust the date and time for the upcoming post. Posts can be scheduled far in advance with Buffer, allowing you to set your social media calendar for the future.

The calendar view enables users to view and schedule posts well ahead of time.

To make the same post to a different account, simply copy the original post and paste it into a new post on the corresponding account.

Another feature that Buffer has is link shortening. Besides the obvious benefit of having a smaller link in your post, it also allows you to gather data on the link. Select the “Analytics” tab at the top of the page, and you can see who has liked, shared, and retweeted each post. You can also find out how many clicks each link gets, giving you data to adjust future posts to maximize engagement among your followers.

The number of likes, clicks on links, and overall amount of people reached by each post are viewable in the “Analytics” section.

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