#TechTipThursday: Using Respondus LockDown Browser

Longwood University offers Respondus LockDown Browser (and Monitor)  as a means to ensure the integrity of the online testing environment. Easily accessible for instructors via Canvas integration, students’ ability to navigate outside of the exam window can be prevented by requiring LockDown Browser. In today’s post, we are going to show you what student’s see once LockDown Browser has been enabled for an exam.

Instructors: If you want additional information on how to require LockDown Browser for your Canvas quizzes, contact us and we will give you the required materials. 

After LockDown Browser has been downloaded, locate the software on your computer to open it as you would any other application. Once there, the Canvas login screen will appear. Type in your credentials and find the quiz as you would normally. After this, you will begin to navigate the steps to enable LockDown Browser.

NOTE: If other applications are open and running on your computer, LockDown Browser will ask that you quit those before you can begin the steps shown in the video below. 

The video below will demonstrate the steps a student will navigate before being allowed to access the quiz/exam. Instructors have the ability to toggle some of these requirements on/off within the Canvas integration.

Instructors who would like to require Respondus LockDown Browser for their assessments, or students who have difficulty installing/running LockDown Browser, are encouraged to contact us directly.

*This post was drafted with assistance from TJ, an Instructional Technology Collaborator.




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