#TechTipThursday: Interactive learning through Panopto Quizzes

Earlier this week our blog featured a post discussing the importance of and pathways for learner interaction. Today’s #TechTipThursday will highlight one of the Digital Education Collaborative’s supported technologies, Panopto, and the steps required to capitalize on its possibilities for learner to content interaction. Panopto, first and foremost, is Longwood University’s lecture capture solution. Offering the ability to record multiple video inputs (e.g., computer screen and webcam view of a speaker), individuals can add narration to content and simulate a face-to-face lecture environment. While this is the most common use at Longwood there are a variety of possibilities through Panopto.

Once video content is available in Panopto, whether through direct upload or newly created recording (in Windows or in Mac), creators can take advantage of the Quizzes feature. A pathway to assess for learner understanding, questions placed strategically throughout recorded lecture content provide regular opportunities for learners to interact with content as well. Panopto offers a guide detailing the steps required to add a quiz to your video. Their video tutorial demonstrating how to add, and complete, Panopto quiz questions is embedded below followed by a video overview of quiz results.

David presented “Going Green with Panopto Quizzing” at our 3rd semi-annual Student Tech Showcase; his presentation is embedded below and offers a nice supplement to the information within this post.

Panopto integrates seamlessly with Canvas and now includes a grade pass back; watch a brief overview here. At this time, Panopto/Canvas quiz reporting is a feature only available by instructor request to the DEC. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you as we maximize the interactive learning opportunities available with Panopto. If you have any questions, or difficulty duplicating the steps detailed in this post, please contact the Digital Education Collaborative.

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