*Videos* from 3rd Semi-Annual Student Tech Showcase

We held our third, semi-annual, Student Tech Showcase earlier this week. Three (3) members of the Instructional Technology Collaborator team spent approximately 15 minutes each connecting a DEC-supported technology to the teaching and learning experience. These presentations were part of the 4th tier of the ITC Badging Program and serve as the implementation component of a 3rd tier badge, Presentation Design. Each of these ITCs spent a semester designing their presentation and working collaboratively with DEC professional staff for guidance. Intended to offer an introduction to these tools and their possibilities, Longwood instructors are welcome to work with the Digital Education Collaborative for further assistance on any of the technologies presented.

Videos are linked below and follow the description for the corresponding presentation. Please note that you will be required to authenticate with LancerNet credentials prior to viewing the student’s presentations. All 3 presenters will be with our team through graduation in May 2019 and can be available to work with you as a follow up to their sessions

Going Green with Panopto Quizzing
Class interactions can change on a daily basis, particularly in today’s digital age. With the ever-increasing popularity and success of virtual classrooms, faculty can benefit from new ways to capture and retain the attention of their students. By incorporating questions within previously recorded course content, Panopto quizzes provide a new way to engage with learners and assess their understanding. Consider the potential for summer and intersession courses! A snow day does not mean falling behind in the syllabus – stay on course with this DEC-supported recording tool available for PC, Mac, and mobile devices.

Presented by: David, Instructional Technology Collaborator
To view David’s presentation, click here.

Shake, Rattle, and Poll
Polling offers a low-risk yet high-reward way for professors to interact with their students. Newly added to the DEC’s repertoire of supported technologies, Poll Everywhere provides an anonymous path for students to ask the questions that they may otherwise, for countless reasons, keep to themselves. An online polling platform with over 20 unique question types and seamless integration with popular presentation tools (i.e., PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides), Poll Everywhere affords students and professors a different, and fun, format for requesting and receiving information.

Presented by: Deja, Instructional Technology Collaborator
To view Deja’s presentation, click here.

Rolling With the Times: The Interactive Classroom in the Digital Age
In this digital age, using interactive technology in the classroom is vital in order to keep students engaged with content in new and innovative ways. The Sphero offers a great example particularly because it can be introduced to learners of any age and students are able to connect to the material using their own mobile devices. Using the Sphero’s capabilities we can kick start learning for all disciplines and boost lesson interactivity with resources such as the Sphero Edu app. With these resources at our disposal, using the Sphero for more hands-on experiences with students is a ball!

Presented by: Emmy, Instructional Technology Collaborator
To view Emmy’s presentation, click here.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns as a follow up to what was covered at the Student Tech Showcase.

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