#TechTipThursday: Enabling TurnItIn in Canvas

Longwood University uses TurnItIn, primarily within Canvas, to assess student submissions for originality. In other words, TurnItIn functions as a plagiarism-checker for any assignment in which the instructor has enabled TurnItIn and is submitted to Canvas. Although instructors have the ability to submit any student work through TurnItIn’s website, that is rarely done. *Note: the account administrator can assist any instructor who wishes to submit student work directly via TurnItIn. Please contact the DEC for further assistance.

To improve the efficiency of the TurnItIn/Canvas integration, Instructure Canvas advised all account holders to make a slight behind-the-scenes adjustment; we will do so on Monday 11/28/16. This change impacts the way in which instructors enable TurnItIn for a Canvas-based assignment. Today’s post will detail the steps needed to require that assignments submitted to Canvas are, jointly, submitted to TurnItIn.

  1. From your course homepage, click on “Assignments” from the left-hand course navigation menu tii1
  2. Once in “Assignments,” select the blue ” + Assignment” button at the top right 
  3. You will see familiar assignment options – the only difference is the checkbox to “enable TurnItIn” for the assignment has been removed. To require TurnItIn for the assignment in question you will need to change the submission type to “External Tool” tii3
  4. Once you select “External Tool,” you will see the option to enter or find an External Tool URL. Select the Find option to the right of this text entry box tii4
  5. In the window that opens, scroll down the list and select “TurnItIn” (1) and then click “Select” (2) tii5

The above steps will enable TurnItIn for an assignment. You can continue to adjust the assignment’s settings before saving and publishing. Note that both instructors and students will see a new user interface when accessing an assignment that requires TurnItIn.

As an instructor, you’ll see this new interface when you access a TurnItIn-enabled assignment by clicking on the assignment’s name. For information on how TurnItIn has changed for students please see a related post written specifically for students. When you access an assignment with the TurnItIn LTI enabled, you will see a screen with your assignment inbox. tii6At the top of the new Canvas/TurnItIn interface you will find a “Settings” (1) option, which can be used to change settings specific to TurnItIn (i.e., portions of the paper to check; sources against which the assignment will be compared; etc.). You can access Canvas’ assignment editing interface through the “Edit Assignment Settings” button  (2) on the right side of the inbox. You can access Canvas’ Speed Grader on the right hand side through the Speed Grader button (3). picture1

If you have any questions, or difficulty duplicating the steps detailed in this post, please contact the Digital Education Collaborative.

*This post was drafted with assistance from Paige, an Instructional Technology Collaborator.

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