#WhyITC: Wesley Marshall

In light of recruitment season and in lieu of a #TechTipThursday, one of our staff members wanted to highlight why he decided to join our team as an Instructional Technology Collaborator (ITC). Meet Wesley, a Business Administration major who is in his second semester as an ITC. Come say hello to him and our other ITCs in Ruffner 136 and ask them why YOU should become an ITC!


“Hello! My name is Wesley Marshall and I am currently a senior here at Longwood University. I am working on a major in Business Administration with a focus in Information Systems, with a minor in Computer Science. Besides working towards my degree, you can find me in Ruffner where I work as an Instructional Technology Collaborator. I joined the team in April of 2017, making me a Tier 2 ITC. So far, my journey as an ITC has been a delightful and rewarding experience. As a part of joining the team, I get to work closely with the others that make up the Digital Education Collaborative. Take a look at some of my reasons of what it is like to be an ITC!  

Why did I become an ITC: “I never really planned on becoming an ITC; I was walking with my friend, and ITCs were recruiting, one handed me a flyer. At the time, I did not pay any attention to it until a couple of days later and eventually looked more into the position. After some researching, I decided an on-campus job would be a good idea.”

Why this job is worth it: “Being an ITC, you get the perks of schedule flexibility, working with other students you wouldn’t have a class with, and having a team that cares about you. Oh, and don’t forget, an ITC is one of the highest paying student jobs on campus!”

What’s something unexpected I experienced becoming an ITC: “When I became an ITC, I did not know that I would make SMART goals that don’t just help to develop my skills in the office, but also for my future after college.”  

What is one big characteristic of working on a team like this one: “Working with a group of ITCs every week, we have a staff meeting. These are used to catch up as a group and make sure we are aware of everything that is going on. In addition, these meetings can consist of fun events such as team building activities that help with getting to know your co-workers and develop friendships.”

The support: “From the first interview, I saw that the level of support and care from the people that work here is real. It is different from other places I have worked. Your supervisors actually care about you and want to get to know you.”

One thing I love about the DEC: “Definitely it would have to be the people that I work with; my co-workers and the professional staff here are amazing. We have amazing times working together and getting to know each other.”

The interview process: “Our interview process is unique. So be prepared for a well-rounded interview process. However, do not be scared. It will be well worth it. Think positive thoughts and be confident.”


If you or someone you know would like to apply to be an ITC, apply here! Believe me, you won’t regret the amount of experience you will gain from this job.


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