#TechTipThursday: What’s New in Canvas?

Instructure frequently updates to maintain Canvas’ user interface for the best user experience. Updates to the Canvas environment are released every two weeks and contain new features, updates to existing features, bug fixes, and much more. Some important content from recent releases has been outlined below.


DocViewer Session Expiration Warning
While working in DocViewer to annotate submissions, instructors will receive a session expiration warning at 9 hours and 50 minutes, followed by a 5 minute warning and then 1 minute warnings until the session expires. Expiration can be prevented at any time by refreshing the submission page, but this change is intended to prevent loss of annotations due to session expiration

Content Duplication
This new feature allows instructors to quickly and easily duplicate assignments and discussions within Canvas. To do so, find the content you’d like to duplicate, click on the gear icon to the far right of the item’s name, and select duplicate.

When an item is copied, the word copy will be added after the title to prevent confusion and the content will, by default, be left unpublished. You can then edit the name of the duplicated assignment.

Conversations Selection Checkbox
The addition of checkboxes next to each email thread within Canvas conversations allows users to delete, archive, mark as read, mark as unread, or star message threads in bulk.

Excess Rubric Criterion Points
When using a rubric for grading, Canvas now allows instructors to give points in excess of the maximum point value for each criterion. This change allows instructors to use rubrics to offer extra credit for an assignment.

Canvas has a great community that you can search when needing to find answers. In addition, our office is located in Ruffner 136 and we are available for phone and walk-in support Monday-Thursday, 8AM to 8PM and Fridays, 8AM to 5PM. Feel free to contact us directly as additional questions or concerns arise.

*This post was drafted by Paige, an Instructional Technology Collaborator.


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