#TechTipThursday: Using the Canvas App

As we are settling into the fall semester the Digital Education Collaborative wants to offer students a reminder of the free and handy way to manage academic deadlines and communicate with professors. Taking Canvas on-the-go with the Canvas app, by Instructure, can be easy and convenient! Students are able to receive notifications, reply to messages, and participate in their courses through the app just as they would online. This post provides a brief video tutorial on navigating, as well as tips for using, the Canvas app. You are welcome to follow along and can find the app for download in Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

Canvas: Mobile web browser vs app
There’s a difference between using the Canvas app and pulling up Canvas on a browser on your mobile device. Accessing Canvas through a browser on your mobile device will pull up the Canvas you are familiar with on a computer – same login and general format – and can be used the same way. Be advised that Canvas is not supported on mobile web browsers. Users are encouraged to use the app when accessing Canvas on a mobile device. With the Canvas app you are able to utilize Canvas through a more mobile-friendly display and the app will remain logged in even when you close out of the app window.

Clearing cookies and cache in the app
To clear cookies and cache you will need to sign out of the app, then delete and reinstall it on your chosen device.

What not to do in the Canvas App
The Canvas app is very user friendly and provides similar capabilities as students can find online. There are, however, certain functions we do not suggest users complete in the app. Through the app, students are able to take quizzes, submit assignments, respond to messages and discussion boards. However, the DEC recommends against using these functions as we are limited in our ability to provide support for difficulties with the Canvas app. For a smoother experience we recommend using the mobile app as a means to check notifications and respond to messages and using a computer to participate in, and submit to, the course.

Canvas offers a more in depth look into the iOS version of the app as well as the Android version. You may contact us directly if you have questions or concerns with your use of the Canvas app. If you experience difficulty while using the Canvas app, please stop by the Digital Education Collaborative (136 Ruffner Hall) with your mobile device.

   *This post was drafted by Emmy, an Instructional Technology Collaborator.

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