The DIGILab Comes to Longwood

The Digital Education Collaborative and Greenwood Library are happy to announce that the DIGILab will be opening September 11, 2017! The name DIGILab was selected by campus vote of student suggested names that took place in the Fall of 2016. You can find the DIGILab on the first floor of the Greenwood Library, where the Mac Lab and green screen were formerly located. Look for directional signage to direct you to the space or ask any member of the library staff.


What is in the DIGILab?
The DIGILab is a makerspace. Makerspaces are designed to allow users to experience different technologies and tools that they might not have access to normally. This can include anything! The DIGILab has: sewing machines, 3D printers (coming soon!), Sphero robots, Arduinos,and more! Don’t think this is all the DIGILab will have, however! We’re striving to be a user-focused makerspace and are looking to you, our users, for suggestions for what to have in the DIGILab in the future.   

What do I need to know before I come to the DIGILab?
Nothing! The DIGILab is designed to be a self-guided learning experience for technology that you are unfamiliar with. Each piece of equipment will have written instructions and/or a video set of instructions that you can use to learn to operate the technology. Before you’re able to use each piece independently, you’ll need to complete a DIGILab orientation and show a staff member that you are confident in terms of operating the equipment and are knowledgeable about the safety standards associated with the DIGILab.

When is the DIGILab open?
The DIGILab opens on Monday, September 11th. The hours are:

Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 1PM-3PM  Closed  9AM-11AM  2PM-4PM  By appointment only

Does the DIGILab cost anything?
Usage of the equipment in the DIGILab is free! They only thing you’ll need to bring is specific fabric you’d like to use for your sewing project or the vinyl/paper you’d like to use for your vinyl/paper cutting project. If you’d just like to learn how to sew, we do have some scrap fabric you can use.

Stop by the Amelia Room for the Lancer Tech Expo on September 12th from 10AM – 2PM and see our presentation to learn more about the DIGILab (Longwood’s own MakerSpace), a joint effort between the Digital Education Collaborative and the Greenwood Library. Learn more about what will be in the DIGILab, how you can use the DIGILab, and more! Questions about the DIGILab can be sent to Ashlyn Honor at

*This post was drafted by Ashlyn, an Instructional Technology Specialist

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