2nd Semi-Annual Student Tech Showcase

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*Special post for Longwood’s faculty and staff!

We are excited to announce our second, semi-annual, Student Tech Showcase! This event will be held on Wednesday, April 19th, in the Digital Den (Ruffner 148), from 12pm – 1pm.


Four (4) members of the Instructional Technology Collaborator team will spend 10-15 minutes each, connecting a DEC-supported technology to the teaching and/or learning experience. This event is geared toward members of the Longwood University faculty and staff community who teach but may be applicable for those who facilitate co-curricular experiences. Guests are invited to the Digital Den (if you enter Ruffner through Blackwell, walk down the hallway to the right of the Joan of Arc statue and you’ll see our logo at above our suite door) for a catered lunch. Guests are welcome to arrive for lunch as early as 11:30 am; student presentations begin promptly at 12 noon and will run until 1:00 pm. Reservations are not necessary. Presentation descriptions are below.


12:00 pm – 12:15 pm A Kahoot! and a Half!  Kristin
12:15 pm – 12:30 pm 3D Printing in Education Kyle
12:30 pm – 12:45 pm Collaborate with Google  Michael
12:45 pm – 1:00 pm Getting the most out of Canvas  Paige

A Kahoot! and a Half!

Kahoot! is a free, web-based platform that makes learning fun for students through its use of games. Players can join a Kahoot! game from any internet-enabled device. Professors can capitalize on existing games, or create their own, to customize the learning experience to meet specific learning objectives. Kahoot! games provide students the opportunity to interact with course content, each other, and the instructor in ways that enrich the learning environment by enhancing engagement across all domains.

3D Printing in Education

Due in part to its broad applicability, 3D printing has been on the forefront of innovation in a variety of realms. This presentation will review and demonstrate the basics of 3D printing, as well as showcase sample prints previously created. Examples of 3D printing projects supporting the student learning outcomes will be provided and attendees will be encouraged to brainstorm disciplinary-specific connections.

Collaborate with Google

This session will highlight the benefits of using Google Docs as a tool for assisting collaboration on group projects as well as for individual projects that require feedback and revisions.  Topics such as how to help students create documents that are shared with other classmates as well as the instructor, in addition to the particular advantages Google Docs provides for projects that require some collaboration, will be addressed.

Getting the most out of Canvas

Canvas has a number of built-in options to enhance the online learning environment. While these built-in options remain available to instructors, many may not know that additional options are available through Canvas apps. Working with our campus Canvas administrators, instructors are able to identify and implement pedagogically sound applications within their Canvas course(s). This session will discuss how instructors can connect an app to identified student learning outcomes, thus qualifying as pedagogically sound, ways apps can enhance the teaching and learning experience, and how to gain access to implement an app.

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