#TechTipThursday: Respondus LockDown Browser v2

TTT_DEClogoLongwood University offers Respondus LockDown Browser (and Monitor) as a means to ensure the integrity of the online testing environment. Easily accessible for instructors via Canvas integration, students’ ability to navigate outside of the quiz/exam window can be prevented by requiring LockDown Browser. Additional information about our use of Respondus’ products may be found in this earlier blog post.

Respondus has begun its end-of-life process for Version 1.x of the LockDown Browser, which relied on Internet Explorer. If you attempted to use LockDown Browser (since January 2016) you may have seen a notification about the update to Version 2.x. Since the update, we have received several requests for support because users receive an error message indicating the browser cannot access the Respondus server (to perform a variety of tasks). This is due to security settings on the local computer, network or ISP. To resolve the error, users need to ensure that LockDown Browser can access the following domains at start up:

  • respondus2.com
  • respondus.com

For Windows machines: These domains may need to be added as “trusted sites” in security settings on the local computer and possibly also to network firewalls or routers. To add these domains on the local Windows computer, go to Control Panel > Network and Internet and click on “Internet Options.” Navigate to the Security tab, then “Trusted Sites”. Add the above domains to the computer’s trusted sites list.

For Mac machines: Respondus advises users to temporarily turn off “Firewall” in System Preferences > Security & Privacy.

We developed a quick video tutorial that captures our staff installing LockDown Browser 2 on one of our PC laptops. Note that this video was made using Respondus’ LockDown Browser 2 Lab Edition. When you install LockDown Browser on your machine, you’ll install the Student Edition. The steps you’ll follow, however, are identical to those shown in this video.

Instructors who would like to require Respondus LockDown Browser for their assessments, or students who have difficulty installing/running LockDown Browser, are encouraged to contact us directly.



*The video for this post was created by Matt, an Instructional Technology Collaborator.

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