Guide to the New Canvas Community

As you may know, the Canvas Community updated near the end of last semester, and now looks quite different.  This guide will show you how to find the four main features of the new Canvas Community: Canvas Guides, Release Notes, Ideas, and Answers.

You can get to the Canvas Community by clicking the Help button at the top right corner of Canvas, and then selecting Search the Canvas Guides.

The Canvas Guides is a collection of instructions for common tasks in Canvas.  This area includes instruction guides sorted by role (student, instructor, administrator) as well as video tutorials and special guides for Canvas mobile apps.

The front page of the Canvas Community includes a search bar to search for a guide on a specific topic, as well as links to various areas you may find helpful.


The Release Notes are documentation that Canvas produces when Canvas updates every three weeks.  You can read the notes to keep aware of changes to Canvas that may affect how you use it, or to learn how to take advantage of new features as they are added.

To find the Release Notes, scroll to the bottom of the Canvas Community page and find the “Help” section.  Click on the “Releases” link located under the “Help” section.


This will bring you to the Canvas Release Notes page.  From here you can search for release notes, browse by category, or look at the most recent Canvas Release notes.


Canvas Ideas is a section of the Canvas Community which focuses on what is on the horizon for Canvas. Here you can see what is being worked on and collaborate with other Canvas users to formulate ideas of what features you would like to see in future updates.

To access this area, click on Ideas in the top navigation of the Canvas Community page.


Canvas Ideas is divided into Canvas Studio, Feature Ideas, and Focus Groups.

In the Canvas Studio you can see what Canvas is currently working on and how large of a priority it is for them. This is where they keep information about anticipated new features, things currently under development, and recently completed projects.


The second area is Feature Ideas. This is where you can submit ideas for features or fixes, and follow your favorite suggestions through the development process.


The final section is Focus Groups.  This is a forum where Canvas users can join groups to discuss ideas and challenges they have in common or share an interest in.  These groups provide feedback to Canvas to help them continue to improve and meet users’ needs.

Canvas Answers is a collection of discussions where Canvas users can ask and answer each other’s questions.  Here you can get ideas from how people at other schools use Canvas, ask questions, or share solutions you find helpful.

To access this area, click on Answers in the top navigation of the Canvas Community page.

You can use the search box in the center of the page to search for a specific topic, or use the buttons below to ask a question, start a discussion, or find a question to answer.


After selecting one of these options, you will see a list of discussions. To view a post, click on the title of it.  You can also choose to Follow, Share, or Bookmark a particular post for later reference.


The new Canvas Community is full of great resources and tips, so go ahead and check it out!

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