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Though the scope of the digital commons is likely to grow, some material may be deemed inappropriate for the collection, including but not limited to: material for which we do not have the rights to ingest, material unrelated to Longwood or the goals set forth in the strategic plan, and material for which we do not have the resources or funding to properly prepare for the repository.

At no point does the Greenwood Library assume ownership of any of the material housed in the repository; we simply are providing convenient access and enhanced longevity of materials deemed of interest to Longwood and the Longwood community.

The following is a list of potential items for the repository:


  • Publications
    • Articles in openly accessible journals
    • Open access books
    • White & Grey Papers
    • Class lectures, notes, audio and video as appropriate
    • Presentations & Notes
  • Conference proceedings
  • CVs
  • Newsletters


  • Yearbooks
  • Theses and Projects (with appropriate permissions)
  • Publications
  • Presentations / Poster Sessions
  • Student Newspaper, Incite, and other newsletter items

Archives and Special Collections

  • Photographs
  • Letters and correspondence
  • Articles and newsletters
  • Other material as deemed appropriate by library staff

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