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Meet Denise

My educational leadership philosophy:

All students can learn, but the way learning happens can be different for all students.

My mission:

As an administrator, my mission is to ensure that all students, no matter what set of abilities or challenges they have, are provided the opportunity to realize their full educational potential.

My vision:

Provide an educational environment in which students will learn and grow by surrounding them with learning opportunities that meet them where they are and build them up to the next level and beyond.

I want my students to experience the joy that can come from learning and to know that their growth as a student and a person is my primary focus. I will model this with my enthusiastic commitment to being a life-long learner.


Foster the joy of learning in the student body by having the students actively participate in high-interest educational opportunities consistently throughout the school year in both a large group and small group setting.

Always keeping my students at the center of every decision, I will focus on providing the best learning experience for my students by procuring and utilizing current technology and programs available to enhance the core educational program.

Create a climate of acceptance for the students’ current abilities and strive to make measureable progress based on their own individual abilities in addition to tracking progress towards state standards.


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