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Power point finished!

November 30, 2017 and December 3, 2017

Duration: 95 minutes

Finished my presentation slides. Code does work. Added the Bernoulli Naive Classifier (in a separate file).

Power point

November 27, 2017 and November 29, 2017

Duration: 73 minutes.

Worked on my power point presentation. I’m almost finished just need to add data slides. My code currently does not work.

Commas and Tabs

November 17,2017 and November 18, 2017

Duration: 181 minutes

Removed extra commas and added tabs between the labels and tweets from my data set.  Currently receives an error.


Presentation and classification

November 12, 2017, November 13, 2017, and November 14, 2017

Duration: 192 minutes

Worked on slides for presentation. Classified the 500 testing set tweets . Made a data file which is combination of testing and training sets.  Also made another file that does Bernoulii NB.  Both BernouliiNB and MulitnimialNB does not run correctly.

Adding to my code

October 30, 2017 and October 31, 207

Duration:  126 minutes

Made a testing set that consist of about 1940 tweets . The tweets came from Donald Trump, Longwood University, Colin Kaepernick, George Bush, Bernie Sanders, Sam Smith, Lavar Ball, Jemele Hill, Wendy’s and Asahd Khaled. I tried modifying my code to classify the test set but I am getting an error. The error is a SyntaxError: invalid syntax and I don’t know how to fix it.