From spam to hate

October 12, 2017

Duration : 47 minutes

Made a copy of called, which is the Data Science git repository.  Started to modify to use MLK quote’s tweets and David Duke’s .


October 8, 2017

Duration: 90 minutes

I started to work on the spam tutorial . I am currently modifying it to positive/negative instead of spam/ham. MLK quotes’ tweets are positive and David Duke’s tweets are negative. My code does not currently run because I need to install various Python libraries.

Git to know my code

October 5, 2017

Sorry for the bad pun. I post my code for everything I currently have, which includes the file we were working on today (10/5/2017), into DataScience git repository .

Classifiers and Tweets

October 3, 2017 & October 4, 2017

Duration: 300 minutes

I figured out how to download a large amount a tweets from a specific user. I started working on my classifier but I have  questions.