In the professional world, my personality and drive are what makes me stand out against my competition. I am tenacious, and have the experience of rigorous research, and the ability to work successfully in a diverse team setting to make this position successful. My years of experience in the hospitality business have molded me into a self- motivated, disciplined, and hard worker. In addition to my work experience, I am well versed in accomplishing research studies from being an involved English Minor.

What’s Next?

It seems on a daily basis that someone asks me, “What are you going to do with an English minor?” or, “Liberal studies? Isn’t that just a bunch of gen-eds?”. The go-to response I always give is “I have no clue.” When I came to Longwood, I thought Special Education was my calling, but the fact of the matter is Longwood makes becoming a teacher incredibly difficult. This is understandable considering they are producing cutting edge educators however I was weeded out of the education route to become a Liberal Studies major with a minor in English.

With May 2017 quickly approaching, I toss and turn thinking that I need to have an answer for those people (mainly my dad) who are asking me what I want to do with my degree after graduating. After taking a professional writing course in the fall, I learned that my career doesn’t have to be set in stone solely based off of my degree. One assignment in particular required us to research a job, write a cover letter, and update our resume to land the interview. Naturally I panicked because I didn’t even know how to search for a job I would qualify for, but in the end I realized I am more than a degree. It is my experience from a young age in the world of restaurants and country clubs that led me to realize the degree I thought was useless can be broadened with my ability to talk to anyone in any setting.

Why I Let My Daughter Get a ‘Useless’ College Degree

This article gave myself a little bit more encouragement regarding my new mindset, and searching for the answer I want to give to those people.