Honors Education for Social Change:

This course was an interesting course, as it focused a lot of politics and the upcoming election. I really enjoyed the discussions we had in the class and the different projects we did to remain more informed on what platforms each candidate had and which of the candidates seemed a better fit to lead our nation. Overall, I loved the openness of the class and our ability to be open with one another and as a whole I learned to respect others opinions and ideas even if I disagree with them. After the election was over, we spent time discussing specific social issues, how we felt about them and different ways to go about reforming or making them better. My favorite part of the course was coming up with my own way to handle the issue of abortion which is outlined in the attachment below.

Artifact – Query Letter

This attachment is the Query Letter I wrote to the Governor on the social issue abortion. It was one of the final assignments in the class and I thoroughly enjoyed doing research and coming up with suggestions to aid in solving this problem.

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