Goal 7: HIST-110 Modern Western Civilizations
This course featured material on the second half of the history of Western Civilization, beginning with the European arrival in the United States and ending with present day. The course focused mainly on European history, and I loved learning about the French Revolution and all that occurred with their struggle to move towards Democracy. I also enjoyed learning about WWII from the German perspective, and why people stood behind Hitler and his policies. The lessons we learned on this particular issue taught me a lot, as many of the Germans fell to the pressures of society instead of standing up for what was right. The biggest thing I took away from this course is learning not to give way to complacency and to be active about standing up for what I believe in.

Artifact – Inter-War Paper

This is the Primary Document Analysis that we had to write for this course, I entitled it “The Post War Battle” because the documents used were primary sources from the Inter-War Era.

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