As an entering freshman I was quite nervous about college and all of the new responsibilities that came along with it. Longwood Seminar was very helping with the transition and the different subjects we touched on will help me moving forward in my college career and in my life. Specifically, I enjoyed the lessons of time management and creating my Four Year Plan as I felt they were the most helpful in my life. Overall, LSEM was a fun intro class that helped me meet new people and adapt to the changes of that come with becoming a college student. My biggest takeaway from the course is that in order to be successful in college and in life, I must learn to manage my time well. I learned this lesson the hard way during my second semester while I was in season for lacrosse, and used many of the tips from my LSEM course when I was feeling overwhelmed.

Artifact – Journal

In this course we had to write weekly Journals on a variety of topics. I wrote this one in September, and it focuses on time management, as we were required to track our time for an entire week and see what we spent the most time doing.

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