Throughout my life, Service has been very important to me and I have participated in many different service projects across the years. Prior to coming to Longwood University, I spent a lot of time serving the Hispanic Community through teaching English as a second language and by going on service trips abroad in Central America. After completing my Freshman year, I decided to go on a month-long trip to Nicaragua as an intern at an organization called “Los Rayos de Esperanza” who provides the Nicaraguan people (especially children) with means for food, clothing and a better education. I plan on aiding them with their English classes, as well as doing whatever I can to help.

Throughout my freshman year at Longwood, I was also able to do service work within the community of Farmville. On the Honors Retreat, I helped pick up trash along the creek near Macados which was a fun experience right before I began school. My Spanish 320 class first semester volunteered as English teachers for undocumented immigrants at the Farmville Detention Center and it was very rewarding to help these people and hear their stories. Finally, during the second semester of this past year I had the opportunity to play “Buddy Basketball” with kids who have special needs. Each child had a buddy who aided them in playing the sport that they typically wouldn’t have been able to do with their disability. Each of these experiences were enjoyable and taught me the value that comes along with giving back.


Above is a picture of me at an orphanage in Nicaragua.

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