Joe Gills ’15, Math

Joe at the 2014 Honors Retreat with Hayley Stiles.

Joe at the 2014 Honors Retreat with Hayley Stiles.

I will hopefully be working with a company in Virginia as a Data Analyst or Software Engineer.

Alexa Russell ’15, Liberal Studies

AlexaRussellAfter graduation I will be returning to Longwood University to pursue a Master’s Degree in Reading, Literacy & Learning. I hope to secure a graduate assistantship position during my master’s study. Once I finish I plan on being employed as an elementary educator in the Tidewater area.

Leah Cronley ’15, Kinesiology

LeahCronleyIn August I will be moving down to Durham, NC to begin the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at Duke University!  I am excited for this next step in my educational career, and cannot wait for all of the new opportunities and experiences I will have!

Autumn Uptain ’15, Business Administration

AutumnUptainI will be relocating from my home town in the Northern Virginia area to Richmond, Virginia. While living in Richmond, I will be working as an Executive Team Leader at a Target within the district.

Carly Roy ’15, Psychology


After graduating I am planning on attending graduate school to earn my Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. I have been accepted into The University of New Haven in Connecticut.

Emily Le ’15, Criminal Justice

EmilyLeI am actively looking for a career in student affairs to help pay for my graduate education in Forensic Psychology. Ideally, this will involve working and completing graduate school simultaneously. The ultimate goal is a job performing mental health evaluations for the Department of Defense or within Veterans Affairs. I want to travel the world while I’m young, but do what I can to help people and give back as the citizen leader Longwood University has made me.

Kayla Stover ’15, CSDS

KaylaStoverI will be attending Longwood University for another two years in the Communication Sciences and Disorders Graduate Program. I am more than excited to spend two more years at the place I call home. Afterwords, I hope to work with feeding and swallowing disorders in a medical setting specifically with pediatrics or head and neck cancer patients.

Freshman Spotlight

Before I was even a member of the Honors College at Longwood, everyone always talked about how joining the Honors College would be the best decision of your life and that not only were you opening your college years up to having great experiences, but you were also gaining a family. This may sound like a cliché, but it is completely true! I have been at Longwood for a semester and I am already seeing just how much merit this statement has. The activities I have done with my Honors family have been some of my best memories so far.

As a freshman, the transition into college is not always the easiest, but the Honors retreat at the beginning of the school year really helped me get acclimated to college as well as get acquainted with the campus. Not only did the Honors College make me feel ready for college before it even started, but it also introduced me to some truly amazing people. One person that I met during the retreat is now one of my best friends. I have always been a shy person when it comes to new situations and meeting new people, but the Honors retreat forced me to mingle with others. I owe a lot of it to my roommate, Sarah, because I would see her just walking up to random people and simply saying “Hi! I’m Sarah”. This made me realize that this was the only way I was going to get to know people so I started following her lead. People like her forced me to come out of my shell, which in turn lifted that weight off of my shoulders. When I talked to my friends from back home who attend other colleges, they all talk about how hard the beginning of school was and, for some, still is. This is primarily because they have not been able to find a group of people that they can plug into. With being in the Honors College this is not an issue, especially since we all live together in the same residence hall. In third floor Wheeler lounge there is always some shenanigans going on; from finding Kevin strutting around in a dress, to cards against humanity, to people hitting glow in the dark balloons while screaming Taylor Swift songs. You never know what you are going to find in there, but it’s always worth the risk!

Being in Honors definitely comes with its perks such as early registration. This was amazing considering when non-honors freshmen were stressing over drafting back ups for their back ups I had already registered for my classes without any issues. I can’t even imagine what it is like on that morning where a second could make or break your schedule.

The weekend before Thanksgiving break I went to Hull Springs Farm for the fall day of service. We were able to help a woman in her 90’s who has a heart issue as well as two churches in the area. Although we left the area with sore backs and blistered hands, we were able to leave feeling like we made a difference in the community. Not only was the trip filled with rewarding hours of service, but I also got to really connect with some of the upperclassmen in honors. After we finished the service we went back to the farm and had free time. During free time we went canoeing and watched the sunset from our canoes; it was absolutely gorgeous! We had dance parties in the camp house and almost burned down the big house when we roasted marshmallows on the stovetop. All in all, it was an amazing experience and I am so glad I was able to participate in it. I was able to become friends with so many people as well as become Dr. Fink’s “back-up buddy.”

Coming to Longwood was the best decision I have made with joining the Honors College as a close second. I can’t wait to see what Honors has in store for me in the years to come!

My roommate Sarah (left) and I!

My roommate Sarah (left) and I!