Sugarland still feeling repercussions.

The country band Sugarland is facing multiple lawsuits from the victims of families and those who were injured when the stages collapsed right before their performance at the Indiana State Fair in August 2011. Although the band and its representatives have apologized multiple times for the horrible incident and offering another concert, lawsuits are still coming in. This is a serious issue as seven people died from the stage collapsing and 40 more were injured.

Sugarland’s most recent response was “the incident was caused due to a gust of wind of unprecedented intensity” they also wanted to add that they are not involved in the construction of the stage. The problem with these lawsuits is that the stories from Sugarland/tour manager and the director of the fair are conflicting. The director claims she communicated with the show’s promoter twice to talk to the band about delaying the show but they said they wanted to go on- this is according the the state fair director. However, the manger of the tour said no one asked about delaying the show and concern for the stage.

Sugarland has used some tactics such as denying any cruel intentions, and placing importance of their fans and safety above all others matters since the event. Obviously no one could have predicted a stage collapsing because of wind, however I’m wondering what else can the band say in their defensive and to ensure that they are still going to be successful once the lawsuits are settled. I understand the families of those who were lost/injured were upset, but is it the band’s┬áresponsibility┬áto make sure the stage is safe? Or is it the director of the state fair and those in charge of constructing it?

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