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Introducing thesis statement

First off, know what you are writing about. If you don’t understand what you are writing about, then your audience will interpret your writings very differently than what you expect. You’ll need to know if you’re writing a paper on why cat hairballs can cause cancer in certain areas of the world or if you’re addressing an issue recently brought up in the news. If you don’t have something as basic as an idea of what to write about, then focus on finding what you want to write about.

Secondly, you’ll need to know where to put your thesis statement. For the sake of this paper, we’re assuming it’ll be somewhere in the first paragraph. Do you want to say right at the beginning- “cat hairballs cause cancer, here’s wh.” or at the end, “this is the issue- cancer-causing cat hairballs” with explanations before it, which is leading up to your thesis statement.

Thirdly, in conjunction with the second requirement, you’ll need to back up your thesis statement in the other parts of the paragraph your statement is in. For instance, in the case where we state instantly the thesis statement, you’ll need to state what makes the statement valid. For example, “Cat hairballs cause cancer in (insert region here). This issue is important because (explain remainder of topic). In the case of the second situation, where your statement is at the end of your paragraph, you’ll need to say something that leads up to your statement. For example, “Cancer. A dangerous malignancy that can kill depending on its severity. Cat hairballs- disgusting, wet and slimy. The cat itself is not very quiet whilst hacking up said hairball, making it even more disgusting. What do these have in common? The hairballs are causing cancer in (insert region here)!”

Now, I’m not going to lie, this sounds like the stupidest paper that ever existed- Cat hairballs causing cancer? Well, if nothing else, it’s gotten your attention. Which is an important thing here, deciding what you want to do with it as a hook- right at the beginning of your article, or at the end of the first paragraph? It all depends on how you want your audience to see it. Do you want to reel in a massive audience in a newspaper or magazine article? Put it at the beginning, it’ll catch the eye of someone. Are you writing this for just a few people (colleagues at work, for a small informational bulletin?) put it somewhere near the end, they’ll already have to read it, so giving them a hook isn’t too important.

The basic thing to remember is to know your audience, and understand what exactly it is that you’re doing with your statements. Why are you writing this paper, because it’s for an assignment, or because you want to get it attention? It all depends on how you want your audience to interpret it.