Searching for the Best Sources

When doing research for a college style paper, it is very important that you use sources to back up your argument or to have evidence that something is true. And even though there may be a lot of sources that you can turn too, to help your argument, you have to be careful on certain information that you obtain; because not all information is true. That’s why I think that doing research is the most difficult part of writing a college style paper, because as a student you have to be able to distinguish in some cases which information is true or false. Not only that, but you have to pick out what information is best for you argument. For example, in high school, when you did research for a paper, most of the information that you obtained were from encyclopedias, books, and several websites; not to say that those were bad places to get information from but as a Freshman in college you will learn quickly that when doing a college level paper, you will need to use a greater and wider variety of sources. Meaning that you will have to go further in depth with you research and begin to use a variety of databases to locate books, articles, reports and last but not least scholarly  journals.

  • Word of Advice: Using academic journals is the best way to go, when it comes to writing a college style paper. Professor s’ like to see information being obtain from other  professors  or people that may have been there at the time of the event or have done research on that particular topic over the years.  Many college professors also like to see the usage of library sources as well; mainly because they are factual and provide a good amount of evidence that you could possibly use in your paper.

But as I said before, even though there are a lot sources to choose from, its best that you base your paper off of one solid source that may either be of your interest or a topic assigned by your professor; because once you narrow it down too one source that you may agree or disagree with, it will be easier for you to find other information in support or against the argument or issue that is being brought forth. But you have to remember, when looking for other sources to help your argument you have to be careful as I said before. In a since, doing research is like a conversation that you may be having with your friend. For example, let’s say a friend has heard a rumor and they come tell you about it but you don’t think that what they have told you is true. What do you do next? Well me personally I want to know the truth. So then I go to ask someone if they have heard the same thing or do they agree with what my friend has told me. And if the information that I have received if good I will believe it. But see I had to venture out and see if I could find a pattern that gave some clarity on the issue that was brought to my attention. So when doing research just thinks about it as a conversation you want find out the truth, so that you will be able to use your findings for more clarity or to expound upon.