When you’re reading this, I hope you can read it without the little voice in your head mimicking me in a monotone robot voice. Reading and writing a paper can be boring, and fresh out of high school you probably agree with that. Now that you’re entering a new world of college writing, free of the structure… you’re going to need to be able to hold your own.  Creativity is now not only acceptable, but encouraged and almost a necessity! Simply adding your own voice into a paper can take a topic about something your completely uninterested in, into a paper that makes you seem more enthusiastic. This then, makes your paper so others can connect to it easier as well. So that’s what I’m here to talk about. The voice you portray in your writing, which should be your own!

Having a paper without a personal voice included can be informative, but is anyone going to want to read the material? It’s boring, and honestly its going to make it harder to write. When you add your own voice you have more options with what you talk about, such as the examples you use and the arguments you can construct. I know that when I’m writing a 5-6-page paper, with out adding a little bit of my ideas, I’m going to get a solid 2-3 pages. Especially in an argument paper, my  evidence is usually backed up by my defensive personality, which comes through in papers with strong wording and examples. When you can use your own passion on explaining a point, your paper automatically becomes more interesting and powerful. You can get more information down on paper, when you can back up your statements with your opinion and strong examples of evidence.

Now, voice is not to be confused with the common term “fluff”. Fluff is information that is used to essentially “fluff” up or create more space in your paper to make it longer. That information is unnecessary and can be easily detected. Voice in a paper is encouraged and distinguishes a good paper from a great paper. One simple way of adding your voice into a paper is by using examples that you can relate to. The worst thing you could do is try and explain something you are not familiar with (that’s where most people start to fluff). If your interested/invested in the example it will be easier for you to tell the reader in a more personable fashion, so they can have more of a connection with the material. Having voice in your writing makes the piece more approachable, easier to get into the reading and makes it easier to understand, for the readers. If the reader feels like they are having a conversation with the author their more likely to stick around till the end of your piece. Reading from a “this is how… that is like… then they…“ kind of paper can loose the interest of the reader and they will just move on to something else.

One more piece of advice I can give on this material is to just have fun with it. In writing, it’s going to be a challenge finding your own personal writing style because it’s different for everyone. But once you do, your papers will stand out and will show merit. Just remember to put forth the effort and be yourself in your writing. You want to captivate your reader with your personality; your voice.