Writing! People spend months often years trying to perfect their writing. One of the most difficult things in the world to master, writing has been the way of transferring ideas from one mind to the next. It has evolved from being used for stories, to research, to messaging, and even puzzles. Without writing the world would be at a stand still people would be bored beyond belief. People need writing, but what does writing need? The answer to that question is structure. Writing needs structure to stay focused and give clear thoughts to the audience each individual writer chooses to address.

Writing Is like a child, it starts out weak and without a strong structure, it falls apart the farther in life it gets, or in writing terms the farther into the book or paper it gets. In life if a child has a rocky start and doesn’t get the necessary nutrition and skills needed to survive they could end up on the wrong end of life and be in trouble. This is similar to writing in multiple ways. In writing if you don’t have the necessary thesis statement, supporting ideas,(nutrition) and style that grabs the reader’s attention (skills) than your ideas often fall apart and you head off topic often resulting in the loss of a reader.

In writing the reader is everything. The reader is the critic, the audience, and the consumer. Without the reader there is no story. Often students and writers in the professional world will lose structure in the middle of their writing and go off topic. This often results in a loss of the reader’s attention. People love to read good books, articles, and essays. It is almost an aspect of life and good structure makes a good writing.

When writing it is a key point to have a good introduction, this is the backbone for your entire essay. Without a spine a human does not stand straight. Without an introduction a essay does not stay together. The introduction should be a lay out of your entire essay it holds your thesis statement and all the supporting ideas that your body paragraphs will be talking about. It is important to keep your structure clean and clear so it is easier for you to pass on your thoughts. Don’t get off topic. Stick to your topic and full fill you purpose of writing to the fullest.

Learning to structure a paper cleanly and clearly is the first step in mastering the art of writing. It often takes years for people to become great writers often people never achieve mastery in writing due to its difficulty, but multiple people have come close and its all because they knew how to structure their writings. They were brilliant and many people would consider them genius. So ask yourself will you be the next “Genius” who can efficiently structure their papers and make wonderful pieces that shall be read for centuries or will you be the writer who loses their ideas midway through a story or essay? Everyone has the potential, but it takes practice. As the key phrase goes, ”practice makes perfect!”