A brilliant man by the name of Albert Einstein once said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Therefore, one can jump to the conclusion that creativity is essential when it comes to being an awesome writer. This quote also reminds us that creativity is fun and writing can be as well. While there are no set rules for creativity, I have come up with four simple guidelines regarding creative writing. These guidelines involve having an open mind, thinking outside of the box, using your imagination, and being bold and brave in expressing your thoughts and ideas.

The first guideline involves having an open mind and a broad worldly view that takes in everything around you. Having a closed minded attitude and a thick headed mindset is a terrible way to approach being a creative thinker and/or writer. Instead, a more tactful approach to being creative when it comes to writing is to have a perceptive outlook on certain topics at hand. This means being open to new ideas and even new ideas of thinking. Reading other great writers can be a source of inspiration and learning.

My second rule of thumb is to think outside of the box. Yes, of course, you have to follow guidelines and rubrics if you want to be successful in writing. However, one also needs to think beyond the guidelines in order to let one’s creativity shine. So, think beyond the rules and try to look at things from different angles and perspectives at all times.

A third rule to go by is to maximize the use of your imagination. A good way to tap into your imagination is to dream out loud. Of course, dreaming takes time, but it is crucial for envisioning interesting possibilities. Creative writers spend a lot of time ruminating on their thoughts and ideas, so be sure to allow time for dreaming.

My final suggestion for being a creative writer is to be bold and brave. Yes, creativity involves bravery and the willingness to not hold back on great ideas even if they seem off base. The way I see it, is that creativity is like a computer, you simply have to hack into it. By tapping into your creative mind, you unlock all of the interesting ideas waiting to be brought to your attention. The good news is that this kind of hacking is legal and can bring great results.

Hopefully by now, you can see that creativity is a very important factor in regards to writing. As Einstein suggests, creativity is also fun. So, my advice is to view writing as a fun endeavor and open yourself to it. Be open and perceptive, think outside the box, imagine and dream, and be brave and bold in expressing your thoughts and ideas. Be willing to tap into your creative mind and let the interesting ideas flow out of you like a river running free. If you follow these simple suggestions, I am sure that you will become a great creative writer, too.