The white paper (below) was written in collaboration with Dominick Combs, and Garrett Badgley. Technical writing had taught me a style and technique to writing that I presumed myself to be fairly confident with, until now. For those of you who don’t know what a white paper is, it’s a document, that outlines a specific problem and then present a solution to that problem. Working in a group for this project was the ultimate struggle I was not anticipating. As group work is a fundamental building block in our corporate world, I had a lot to learn from this experience. Organization and timing management seemed to cause most of the struggles we faced. Its clear to me now, if organization and time management are in order, working in a group to accomplish any task is indubitably more efficient. Furthermore, when writing sections of the paper myself, I discovered trying to tie my style of rhetorical appeal into the argument was not flowing well with other members contributions. It makes sense that was going to happen. If we had all worked together with one person writing while the others proposed ideas and statistics, the paper would have been easier to write and sound more cohesive. In summery, communicate with our partners and don’t wait till the last minute! Check it out. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions.