What I hope you are able to take away is that economics has roots in all aspects of our everyday lives. When the economy presents a problem, it’s economists job to find a solution that will benefit society, not individuals. Efficiency means the majority are productive. If government policies were tailored toward small groups our economy would be at risk of over diversifying, which is another inefficiency problem altogether.

Technical writing has shown me how efficiency works in writing. Its important to target a specific audience, and how different documents can outline a complex problem with clarity for users compression.

Technical writing is 100% a subject I will be using when I begin my career in economics. I was unaware of how complex some economic topics can be to reiterate in writing. I am more aware of what I am writing now, if that makes any sense? I begin every new writing assignment by clarifying my audience and tailoring the language so it can be understood by the people I am trying to target.

Thanks for listening!
David Peirce