I am sure that you can remember the first toy you bought as a child with your own money, I know I can. I also recall how terribly upset I was to hand the store clerk the money I had spent my valuable time on saving; still I bought the toy anyway, noticing it came with a small folded paper filled with directions and safety warnings.If you were hard headed as I am you did not read those directions and in turn completely ruined the new toy you spent your hard earned money on.It is hard watching something that you have spent your valuable time on go to waste, money and toys are compatible with grades and papers. Just like the toy came with a set of directions papers comes with a rubric; if you neglect the directions you lose the toy the same as if you neglect the rubric you lose the grade. As I said before I am extremely hard headed I ruined my first toy and just recently a paper. I became excited about the topic of the paper and failed to even look over the rubric; I was positive I had written a really good paper and even sent it to previous high school teachers to have it read over but received a zero only because I had two sources rather than the required four; the rubric clearly stated to have four sources. Though it may seem simple to just always check over the rubric it is indeed essential.
The rubric for a paper is a professors way of guiding you through the paper, it can essentially be a step by step guide to an “A” paper. As you probably know from high school writing they generally tell you the topic or rules for the paper, the format, the length required, and other general requirements such as sources. It is always a good idea to thoroughly look over the rubric before even starting your research for the paper, that way you know what is expected of you ahead of time; including how many sources you will be needing to pull creditable information from.
From personal experience I know that it sounds repetitive and a waste of time to double check the rubric so many times; in all honesty though you would be amazed at the little things you could miss by not constantly going over it. After finishing writing the entire paper before turing it in it is vital to look over the rubric one last time to make sure that you have throughly hit every request the professor has made on your paper.
Also, a rubric can be like the warranty information always included on that little slip of paper. For example, if your writing an argumentative essay and one of your counterarguments seems too weak, you can refer back to the rubric to see if you need it. Just like the warranty on a toy will allow you to replace it if its broken, the rubric will help guide you through the issue and replace the broken sections.
So, whenever you are given a rubric take full advantage and use it as your toy’s little instruction sheet. Read it as a step-by-step guide that will help you form and write your essay. Refer back to it whenever you have issues with what your writing and go back to the rubric whenever you finish the essay to make sure that you’ve covered what the professor wants because the worst feeling of all as a child is breaking that toy you spend your hard earned money just because you didn’t read the instructions, and now as a college student you’d feel terrible getting a nice goose egg on an amazing paper just because you didn’t look over the rubric.