Every high school senior that is a few months away from becoming a freshman in college has the fear of not being able to write at the freshman college level.  As incoming freshman at a highly educational university you become inclined to ask yourself if you have been prepared well enough to succeed in writing all kinds of essays.  High school seniors begin show signs of doubt that their writing ability is not where the college Doctor or Professor feels that the freshmen should be writing at.  I am here to tell incoming freshman that possessing the fear of writing at the college level is normal, but the fear is not all what it is cracked up to be.  I will give you my personal encounters with the freshman fear and tell you that there is nothing to fear about writing college papers.  I want you to receive that first college writing assignment and once you have completed the assignment I want you to say it a piece of cake.

Before I entered college as a freshman I was terrified to think whether or not I had the capability to write at the college level as a freshman.  As I prepared to leave for college I asked myself was I scaffold enough over the course of 12 years to succeed at the level of college writing?  Before entering college I had no idea that the fear of writing at the college level was a common fear of most new freshman at a university.  My fear of writing came to me when I started to write college entrance essays for universities.

My fear of writing at the college level was partially because of my peers.  My parents played a major role in my fear, they stressed that writing in college was totally different from writing in high school.  My friends that were rising sophomores in college told me stories of their encounters of writing as freshman and the only bit of information I took away from their experience was that writing at the college level was dreadful.  After being stressed to about how important it was to write at a college and told scary stories from my friends I began to contemplate if I was ready to even to attend a university.

Little did I know that writing at a university level is not as hard as I was told it was.   Writing at the college level is just like writing as a senior in high school.  Doctors or Professors are not asking students to write novels, they simply give students a topic and expect them to elaborate on the topic given.  This is basically the same as in high school the only difference may be the number of pages the student is expected to write or the number of papers the student has to write.  If the incoming freshman goes to class, ask the Doctor or Professor questions, and reads the syllabus then writing at a college level will become natural to the freshman and the fear of writing at the college level will soon be conquered.  Once the fear is conquered the freshman will ask his or herself why they even stressed about writing at the university level to begin with.

As a freshman entering college, writing is not difficult.  Writing is only as hard as the student makes it out to be.  Getting the acceptance from the university should be a sign for the new freshman that they have the ability to write on a university level.  The university believes in you so you as a student should believe in yourself as well.  So, before you begin writing those college papers conquer the fear of writing and tell yourself that you possess the capability to write at any level of college writing.