When preparing to write a paper can seem really scary at first and very confusing. When I first started writing in college I never realized that there were techniques that I could use that would make forming an argument or thesis for my paper so much easier by identifying them in my research part of forming my paper.

The technique I like is looking for the They Say argument and incorporating it into your own argument. You can easily identify the They Say argument in your evidence or reading that you have picked out to help you write your paper. Once you have identified the They Say argument you can build an argument off of this argument. It will help you choose a side of the argument and let you gather evidence that will help you persuade your audience to you point of view but without coming off as biased. Giving off a biased vibe in a paper is an immediate turn off to your readers and makes your paper seem not credible. This makes for a poorly written paper and unfortunately a bad grade, but the They Say argument could really help with this dilemma that you may have.

You can build an opinion off of the They Say argument and you can also build a very strong argument from it as well. First you have to pick a side. Are you for the They Say argument or against it? Once you have picked a side you can now start building off of the They Say argument. You can use what the They Say for your argument in agreement and it will strengthen your argument by accrediting your argument with credible evidence and quotations from credible authors. Or you can use the evidence or quotations against your argument and provide contradicting evidence to show that your point on the subject is credible and it will help persuade your audience more easily.

Providing the They Say argument will also help you persuade your audience more easily because by providing the other side of the argument it makes your paper seem less biased and more rounded. It will help your readers make up their own minds on the subject and allow them to form their own opinions on the matter. The They Say argument allows the audience to see the other side of the argument. Providing these will strength your argument with the audience and in turn will strengthen your writing and your paper.

The They Say argument will help you in other parts of your paper such as: research, organizing thoughts, and the structure of your paper. They Says are very useful in conquering college writing. It will lessen the fears you have that you have when it comes to college writing. If you use the They Say tactic in tackling your writing in college it will help you formulate a well rounded, informative, effective, and very persuasive argument paper.

This is a technique that I use and is extremely helpful. It makes writing a paper so much easier and will help boost your grades on those pesky college papers that students fear during the school year.