Over the course of these past 8 weeks I have learned and experienced so much. I couldn’t be more thankful for this internship and everything that came with it. I learned things that I never expected to learn in this internship and learned more about what I want to do with my career as I grow.

The challenges I have come across are how working an 8 to 5 job is really hard. I have always been use to having my own time and doing things when I wanted to. Also, how 8 to 5 is almost all of you day so you have to use your time wisely. I feel like it has taught me a good lesson because this will what my life will be like when I do graduate. This was a great intro to what the “after grad” life will be like.

This has affected my job search by who are the type of people you want to work for. I got so lucky with the people I work with. They have been so welcoming and helpful through out my time here. Every single one of them I feel I can come to and ask questions and even keep in touch with. It is a great feeling when you know you work with and for amazing people. It just makes working that much more enjoyable.

The skills I have gained are my people skills and my skills for adjusting to whatever comes my way. With this job nothing goes as planned but that makes it that much more exciting. Everyday is different and I’m doing something new everyday which I love. I learned how to be more detailed with my work because when working in a business like Royall & Company you have to pay attention to every detail within an email, event, and travel. So, I feel I’ll take that with me through out college and my life.

I did achieve goals through my performance evaluation. When I sat down with my advisor she was so nice and caring about what I was doing well. It always makes me feel good when people see how you are performing and growing within the company. I achieved my goals by handling my emotions because of loosing my dad. There are hard days working but I did my best to just keep them inside for work but my co-workers were more than understanding.

I feel like I was mentored so well, I couldn’t have asked for a better advisor. She has shown me so much throughout my time here and I can’t wait to keep in touch with her. She really took me under her wing. I feel like all of my co-workers were my advisors too they all showed me something different and all the different areas they work in for this company. For my travel team, they showed me how to book flights, write itineraries, and how to send out proper emails to employees. All of that is something I know I will keep with me throughout my career.

I would suggest this internship to anyone. I have loved it so much. It was the perfect place for me to have my first internship at. It is so respected and everyone that does work here is proud to work here which is always a plus.

My work that I will attach is some itineraries, restaurant projects, and dining list that I had to do to help out my co-workers since they have a national conference coming up in September. The restaurant project is a project they gave me to drive around Richmond to find the best restaurants for our clients. It was so much fun going around Richmond with my co-worker, Lamone tasting food and seeing all spaces. I can’t wait to try all the new restaurants with my friends and family.

The other things I would do is help set up client meetings we would have in our building. We have to set it up a certain way every single time to make sure it is perfect for our clients. We also had to hire a chef to make the food for our clients. They would come in and give us the food for the meetings. The food was amazing, every single time they would make some of the best food I have ever had. For Royall & Company we make sure we take good care of our clients because they deserve the “royall” treatment. I think that is so important because it is all about first impressions and I know if I was a client and saw all the detail that went into this I would be very impressed.

Overall, I have loved my experience at Royall & Company, it was everything I needed and more, I would recommend this internship to anyone.GetAttachmentThumbnailGetAttachmentThumbnail


Journal 5!

Through out my internship I find myself using so many of the skills that I have learned through out my time being a communication major. All the classes, theories, and just life lessons that I have taken away. The theories that I applied and witnessed during my internship is social learning theory and organizational control theory.

Social learning theory is one theory I have really noticed with so many aspects of life every since I have learned it. It is so interesting to me to learn and see how different people do things differently because that is how they grew up to learn. I love to talk to people and see how differently they learned things than from how I did. I have learned that through out my internship because working with so many people everyone does things differently from the way I do. That’s no one was brought up the same way I did. Which I find to be awesome because something I wouldn’t think of someone else could because they have gone through something I haven’t. I feel like that is an important lesson to¬† learn and know as well because not everyone is going to agree with you but that is the beauty of it too.

Organizational control theory is when you need to be on top of the organizational skills and know what is going on and having control of what is going on. Being in the business world you need to have you control of your work and know where things are at all times because nothing is worse when you work hard on something and then you can’t find it when you have to turn it in.

There are so many theories that I have applied to my internship but I feel that these two I have noticed the most through my past 7 weeks.

Journal 4!

Through my internship I have learned so much about myself, what it is like to work an 8 to 5 job, and all the things that comes with it. I couldn’t have gone through this without the classes I have taken at Longwood. Such as conflict, crisis, and interpersonal communication.

With conflict I have learned that things happens and you have to keep moving. Such as, one of the events we had one of the people who were supposed to deliver our food got into an accident. So, we lost all the food for our clients. We had to find a plan B option and fast because they were coming in. Luckily, we found food that could get it here on time and ready for the clients. That was just a prime example you have to be ready for anything.

That story could also go along with crisis communication as well. Have a crisis happens more often than people think so we have to be ready for anything. I also book travel for my company whenever they need me too and the flight could be delayed or their car rental doesn’t show up. Crisis communication really helped me stay claim and just work with what I have.

Interpersonal communication has really helped me with my people skills. It helped me understand more about people and how to communicate with them. Having people skills and communication skills will get you very far in the working world. I have realized that so much because when you work for a company that has over 400 people you have a lot of personalities. You just have to know that not everyone is going to think and work the same way you do and that is perfectly okay.

I don’t know what I would do without these classes and I’m very thankful Longwood offers these classes for us.

Journal 3!

This week will mark week four of my internship! I’m really excited and happy with the way things are going. What I like is that every single day is different. Nothing we do is the same or goes the way we think good or bad. I have learned that communication is everything is the business world. You have to be able to ask questions and not be scared to do so. The challenges I have faced is battling my emotions. My dad passed away a month ago right before I was about to start my internship. Some days I find myself really emotional but I try not to bring that my internship as much as I can. I have learned to my open with my co-workers and they are willing to help you along the way. They have been more than supportive and nice, whether that is me asking a questions or just asking how I am doing. I love the people i have been working with and I’m lucky because a lot of people cant say that. I will use these experiences to my best ability so I have some what of an idea of what I am getting myself into when I get into the “real world”.

They have been asking me to look up places for clients to eat and stay. So, that means I drive around Richmond taking pictures of all the private dining areas and hotels that they will be staying in. I love this because I have been learning about all new places around Richmond that I have never heard of before. Also, I have been meeting so many people and schools. I know for my company Longwood is one of our clients and they will be coming next week so I’m super excited to set up their meeting and see some familiar faces.

2 Week!

This week my internship had me working with the travel team of my department. Which is when we book and plan our employee’s trips for them. I didn’t realize how much work went into booking trips. There is a ton of detail and attention that has to go into booking these trips. Also, you have to keep in mind that if something happens with the trip such as weather, missing a flight, and whatever else you have to be on call for those people. I actually really enjoyed working in that department because I love learning new things and seeing what it is like behind the scenes.

The other part of my week is that my internship has 20 other interns that work with Royall but with different departments. So we have a group intern project that we are putting on this coming Thursday. We have to plan a event for the whole company. Which includes having games, drinks, food, and so much more. They are letting us plan it all on our own to see what it is actually like to plan an event. I have loved it so much and it has made me really excited for the future.

I have learned that I need to pay attention to details whenever I do something because of that the littlest thing could make something go wrong. Also, knowing how to deal with people and knowing how to talk to people in person and email. The challenges I have faced is all the detail that goes into it and being overwhelmed. One day this week I was learning all the new things and I just never realized how much work went into the littlest things. So, I need to just be able to go with the flow when something goes wrong. These experiences are just getting me ready for what I am going to be facing when I get out of college and into the work force.

I can’t wait to see where week three takes me ūüôā

Working with Royalty!

I landed my dream internship with Royall and Company! To be completely honest I was so surprised I even got the internship. I was hired to be their Events and Hospitality Intern. I will be working with them by helping them plan events, set up and take down the events, and working with the travel team as well. We have to plan house clients get to Royall and Company since they are traveling from all over the world to get to us. Also, we have to make everything perfect for when they arrive. They are put in the best hotel in Richmond, which is the Jefferson Hotel. They also get the best food when they arrive. It is my job to help each member of my team gets what needs to be done and make sure it gets done one time.

The skills that I use for my internship are my organizational skills, public speaking, interpersonal, and determination. By using all of this I make sure everything we need to get done gets done. Also, being good with people is a plus because planning events is not easy and it takes a ton of people to get it done. So, we need to know how to communicate with them in this process.

I hope to gain experience from this internship. I just want to learn how things work in this business and to get a true understanding. By being an intern I think I will get my feet wet with all the different elements of what it takes to get things done for the events. I think I am missing the knowledge of what it takes so I hope that is what I gain from this internship. So, far in just a week it has been going amazing and the people have been amazing.

There is so much MORE than what meets the eye…

Everyday we walk on campus and see all types of things such as, couples, puppies, dance offs, and friends just walking with friends. Then some days we feel all we see relationships and couples around us. But there is really more than meets the eye with relationships that we see walking around campus. Yes, of course there are great relationships out there but then sometimes there is more behind the scenes. We all have seen and heard of how relationships can turn terribly bad, to the point of abuse. That being said that can be verbal and physical abuse.

Lady Gaga performed on of her song, “Til It Happens To You” at the 2016 Oscars. This video is ¬†very emotional and talks about how everyday men and women are getting abuse and you don’t know how it feels until it happens to you. Everyday we see things on campus and in life in general and just assume everything is fine and if they seem okay they actually have to be okay. When that could be a lie. They could seem and come off that way but when inside they are crying for help.

Even over social media people every day are victims of verbal abuse but when people think of abuse they automatically think of women being the ones that are abuse. What Lady Gaga does in her video and in her performance she makes sure that men are included. Men go through some of the same things as women do. Just because they are supposed to be the “dominant” ones does mean they haven’t been abuse as well.

Even though we see people and they think everything is fine with them we need to realize that there could be more than what they are telling us. By using non verbal communication and reading into their facial expressions and body language can help save a person’s life. In the book “Gendered Lives” (2010) stop-abuse-logo-300x277¬†Julia T. Wood states, ” Patterns suggest that women’s facial and body motions generally signal that they are approachable, friendly, and unassuming”. This also goes with the Performative Theory, “Gendered Lives” Julia T. Wood states ” The performative theory argues that humans generate identities, including gender,through performance or expression”. ¬†A personal experience for me one of my best friends was in a awful relationship where she stopped talking to us because she was always upset about her boyfriend. She walked in the hallways with her head down and almost in tears every single day. Then it got to the point where my group of friends and I just showed up to her face and told her that we know something more is going on than what she is and isn’t telling us. We made her feel conformable and she said the reason why she avoided us is because she was afraid we would “judge” her. Obviously, we all valued our friendship with her and would never judge her on a struggle she is having. After our talk with her she decided to end things with the boyfriend and came back to normal.

It could take things such as little as talking to someone and showing that we care for them to break out of something abuse. Also, it could take drastic measures to help someone as well. We just always have to keep in mind people have more things going on in their lives than what we think when we just walking by them.

No matter whether we are walking on campus or walking around at the mall we need to be able to pick up on the cautions that we see around us. Even if we don’t know them at all we could save someone life by just asking the simple question “are you doing okay?”.

If I Were A Boy…. Even Just For A Day

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be the opposite sex for a day? I know I do sometimes. Growing up and having a brother I always wonder why they did the things they did. Why did they get away with so much? Why don’t they share emotions the way we do? All these things are still questions that run through my mind. This song by Beyonce really made me think after watching this music video and listening to the lyrics for in depth. By Beyonce writing this song she shows everyone what its like to be in someone else’s shoes, even it is for a short amount of time.


Having Beyonce write and sing this song really make the gender norms go out the window. ¬†In the beginning of this video she plays the male dominate character getting ready to go off to work. While the male is sitting waiting for her to sit down and have breakfast with her. ¬† Just having this shown really opens audiences eyes because we look at it differently since it is usually the female making the breakfast and the male running off to work. ¬†The music video really didn’t come together for me until the very end of it when the roles got reversed. Back to how people see the normal gender roles in male and females.

Beyonce actually took matters into her own hands and wrote an essay about gender inequality. What I found the most interesting out of her essay is when she stated “Equality will be achieved when men and women are granted equal pay and equal respect”. I know that there has been many discussions on men and women getting equal pay. For me, I agree with Beyonce if men and women are doing the same work they should be getting the same pay. It shouldn’t matter on their sex, it should matter on who puts in the most effort and work into what they are doing.

Over the course of my life, I have had a pretty strong group of friends that were majority girls. Thats just how it always was for me. Yes, I did have my guy friends but I would always hangout with them with my girl friends. In middle school, I swam year around and made some close friends through my swimming league. There was this one guy who just always hung out with the girls. He didn’t seem interested in what the guys were saying and just wanted to be around us girls. I honestly didn’t notice it until I got invited to his birthday party. I noticed that the whole party was girls besides him. I thought to 11146559_351549391700499_7842665802897979911_nmyself “Why are there not guys here? I mean this is a birthday party for a guy”. The party was completely normal, all we did was go to the movies with his parents and then went back to his house for cake. For me that was the first time I really thought about the gendered norms. In my head I thought boys had to have at least some boys at their birthday party not just all girls. Also, even if females have mainly male friends and considered “one of the guys” looked down on?

I personally feel that people feel this way about men and women having close friends from the opposite sex from the social learning theory. In Julia T. Woods book called “Gendered Lives” (2010) states that, “Social Learning Theory claims that individuals learn to be masculine or feminine by imitating other and getting responses from others to their behaviors”. ¬†Growing up we see that girls are mostly friends with girls and boys are mostly friends with boys so when we do see that is not the case for some people that just puts a red flag in our head. I feel as we get older and have children we should show them that they can be friends with anyone so they don’t have that red flag come on in their heads when they see people are friends with the opposite sex.

According to Psychology Today, ”¬†Nevertheless, friendship between men and women is not impossible. However, it does require finding someone with friendship goals matching your own. Communicating clearly and leaving when there is not a match is key.” I do believe believe that it should be normal for men and women to be “just friends” in a friendship. I feel we need to get ride of norms that men have to be friends with men and females have to be friends with females.

At the end of the day, I know plenty of girls that have majority guy friends and guys that have majority girl friends. It shouldn’t matter, we all should be allowed to be friends with whoever we want them to be. Weather or not they are male and female.

Just a little about me :)

Hi! My name is Christy Moore, and I’m a junior at Longwood University majoring in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. I’m also a sister of Alpha Sigma Alpha, ¬†Alpha chapter sorority here at Longwood. A little more information about me is that I am born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. Growing up I couldn’t have asked for a better place to live. I was lucky enough to have my best friends live right behind me, so I was always had them to be with. Having them and my family with me at all times is what life is really about. My parents George and Janet Moore are my backbone, they are always there for me when I fall and seriously are my heroes. I have an older brother George who is 24. He graduated Longwood in 2014 so it was always fun seeing him around campus when I was a freshmen. My family wouldn’t be complete without mentioning my perfect little dog named Charlie, he is a 3 year old Sheltie and I have a huge obsession with him.

When I was a senior in high school I thought my calling was to be a elementary education teacher. I also thought Radford University would be where I would spend my four years at college. Little did I know, either of those things would happen for me. I took one class for education and dropped it as soon as I could. Just something came over me saying that teaching wasn’t for me. Over the course of ¬†attending Radford I knew something about this university wasn’t for me either. I tried to give it a chance and kept telling myself not to be the person that transfers but Longwood was calling my name. Over the course of 5 days I decided to tell my parents I wanted to transfer and then by the end of those 5 days I was accepted into Longwood . Lucky, I didn’t have to reapply since I applied in high school and got in so they still had my application on file. ¬†Transferring to Longwood was and still is the best decision I have ever made.

Throughout my time here at Longwood and in the communications department has made me have the confidence I need to go into the “real world” after I finish college. All the group work and public speaking has made me realize that I love my major and everything that goes into it. My mom always calls me and asks me “Christy why do you have better grades in college than you did in high school”. I always tell her its because I love what I’m doing in all my classes. I’m so excited to see what this semester and year has to offer me and ¬†I couldn’t be more proud to call myself a Longwood Lancer.12313757_10153265428967636_8152706937305856352_n