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Post 4: 21st Century

I am going to provide different cites that teachers can use to help them. These will be helpful to contact students and remind students about assignments that are due. Communication Google Classroom: This is a cite where teachers are able

Blog 3: Moving, Moving, and yet More Moving!

This topic hits home for me personally. Now luckily I was very fortunate that in my schooling career I only had to move a total of three times. I am a Navy Brat, but no not a stuck up brat.

Blog 2: Millennials and Their Technology

Worksheets, worksheets, and more worksheets. They fill a teachers desk, but why when this is the 21st century. At the end of our finger tips holds a world of information, but unfortunately unless it’s Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or some other

Welcome to the 8th Grade Class!

Through this process of writing the email home, and doing my classroom rules I struggled to make the length appropriate. With the email home I struggles most with including too much information, and I struggled with my grammar. However, even