Return to Anti-Racism Efforts

Strategic Plan for Supporting Marginalized Students, Faculty, and Staff

In an effort to provide better support and allyship to people of color at Longwood, we recognize there is much work to be done. To prioritize our efforts in addressing social justice and racial inequality, CAPS is implementing a strategic plan, which will serve as our guide. The strategic plan will be a living document and will be updated throughout the semester. We hope to be transparent in the process about our goals, implementation, and completion, and we invite your feedback along the way.


  • Develop an understanding of CAPS’ areas of growth
  • Identify steps that should be taken to enhance anti-racism efforts in our center
  • Develop stronger relationships with services/offices on campus that primarily serve students of color


Priorities/Issues to Address

  • Create a transparent process in which students are aware of our efforts and can monitor progress toward objectives
  • Develop more trust with faculty/staff/students of color including clubs/orgs
  • Recognize and address that people of color on campus do not see themselves represented in the makeup of our staff
  • Recognize and address how CAPS can continue to develop a space that is inviting to folx of color
  • Consider education initiatives for Longwood faculty/staff/students 
  • Develop more intentional partnership with Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA)


Current Plans

  • Conduct a needs assessment upon student’s return to campus to determine what resources/services are needed to address the specific mental health needs of students of color (Date: To be administered upon student’s arrival to campus in the fall)
  • Attendance at Cultural Organization’s President’s Roundtable group to assist in understanding the needs/issues current students experience (Date: To begin in Fall 2020 semester)
  • Attendance at culturally-based events (Date: To begin in Fall 2020 semester, assuming Virginia continues with Phase III)
  • Aside from topics of social justice and multicultural competence that are routinely discussed in providing therapy, CAPS is adding monthly didactic training for counselors-in-training focused on these issues (Date: To begin in September 2020)
  • Offer a group specifically for students of color (Date: To begin September 2020)
  • Offer a group specifically for allies to gain knowledge (Date: To begin September 2020)



  • Met with OMA to begin this conversation (6/8/20)
  • Adopted the AUCCCD statement against racism and racial violence (posted 6/15/20)
  • Posted strategic plan (6/30/20)