How to Prepare

Faculty and Staff Preparation:

All existing courses in Blackboard will be imported into Canvas. The import process is not perfect, but the two systems do talk to one another and almost all of your content will be copied over with no issues. However, it might not look exactly like it did in Blackboard.

The best preparation for faculty is to sign up for training. Training is offered online, hybrid and face to face to work with your schedules. Training is also divided into three categories. Visit the “training” tab to read detailed descriptions of training offerings.

Download the Blackboard to Canvas Guide for specific instructions and suggestions: BlackboardtoCanvasGuide

For faculty who use “Turn It In”
Turn It In WILL be available in Canvas. However, your old student files WILL NOT copy over. For any faculty wishing to keep student work from Turn It In, it will need to be downloaded and saved. There is no way to download an entire course at once. Each paper would have to be downloaded and saved individually. Instructions will be posted here soon. Questions can be sent to JaBari Scott at

For faculty who use “Wimba”
Wimba will not be available in Canvas. However, Wimba files can be downloaded and saved as MP4 files. MP4 files are movie files that can then be added to your Canvas shell. Instructions how to download and save Wimba files will be posted here shortly.  We also encourage faculty to consider recording new lecture material using a different system. For suggestions or more information, please contact the DEC at 434.395.4332

Staff Preparation:

All staff using course shells for groups or other purposes will see those shells copied and added to the Canvas System. Staff using Canvas are encouraged to attend training. Visit the training tab for more information.

Student Preparation:

Any student planning on taking an online or hybrid summer course is encouraged to sign up for student Canvas training. If you have any work that you want to save from Blackboard, the work must be downloaded and saved by May 15th. After May 15th, you will lose access to your Blackboard courses.

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