Questions about Canvas or the implementation process? Post your questions as a comment to this page and your question and answer will be posted to the FAQ page.

Q: What will happen to my Blackboard courses?
A: All courses currently in Blackboard will be copied and imported into Canvas. Currently, Blackboard maintains courses for a two year period. If your course has not been taught for over two years, it may not be copied.

Q: When will my access to Blackboard end?
A: Our contract with Blackboard ends on June 30, 2013. This is the absolute last date, no extension will be possible. We encourage anyone seeking to download or save content from Blackboard to download the content before this date.

Q: Will all of my course content transfer over to Canvas?
A: Most of your course content will transfer over. However, there are some known exceptions.

1. Canvas does not have Wimba, so Wimba files will not transfer. They need to be downloaded as MP4 files and they can be added to Canvas later.
2. Former student documents from Turn It In will not come over.

Be prepared, although your content will come over, it may not be in the same order or location where it was built in Blackboard.  Please allows yourself at least a few days to re-order content before your class begins.

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