Past Courses

-English 150 (Writing and Research)

This course emphasized the proper writing techniques and formats for college and professional-level papers. The resources provided by Longwood University for help on coursework was suggested.

-Comm. 141 (Introduction to Media Writing)

Established how to write in a professional manner used in journalism publications. A main focus in the course was the inverted pyramid, which the class demonstrated by tweeting their thoughts on a current event in inverted pyramid style.

-Comm. 200 (Introduction to Communication Studies)

Covered the different theories, analyzation, and understanding of the communication process. This course informed how communication procedures are initiated, progressed, and resolved. Also, the course goes into detail about the various approaches that can be taken when exchanging ideas through different forms.

– Comm. 210 (Media and Society)

Observed the different forms of media and the strong influence it has onĀ  society. The course breaks down media into how it is created, the specific meanings intended for the audience, and the aspects of media that are considered to be “norms.”

-Comm. 360 (Contemporary Practices in Communication Studies)

Prepared students for the actions that will be taken after college, such as grad school, internships, and careers. The course covered building connections within the community, how to obtain a future that is associated with my work and life views, and how to plan when unexpected situations occur. Also, resumes, cover letters, and interview techniques are practiced throughout the course.