Volunteer Work

In November of 2018, I will be volunteering for one of the biggest and most-popular Christian-based camps there is. Rockbridge is the name of the camp and it is an opportunity for Young Life clubs from all different areas to come together, have fun by participating in various activities, and learn more about Jesus. My duties will include either cafeteria responsibilities, ropes course manager, setup crew, and many others to be placed in. I chose to volunteer because I am a Young Life leader in-training and I am interested to observe the students relationships with their leaders and the responsibilities that come with being a leader. I would like to walk away from this experience with built connections, more insight on what it looks like to be a leader, and memories.


Volunteering at Trinity Church in Virginia Beach

In the summer of 2018, I volunteered for my church I attend back home called Trinity Church. My responsibility was to stand outside the front entrance and welcome the members that came in. This is an important part of our church because it has much care for its members and wants them to start off the morning on a positive note by way of a warm greeting. I provided this warm greeting with appropriate clothing for the occasion, smiling as each person walked in, and welcomed them with a sweet and energetic voice.

Trinity Church VA Beach