About Me

My name is Cade Kinzel and I am a sophomore at Longwood University. I major in communication studies with expectations of graduating in 2021. I am from Virginia Beach, Virginia and have two older sisters that have graduated from Longwood, which is a primary reason why I chose to enroll at the same university; the in-state tuition benefit was also a factor. Coming into Longwood as a freshman, I was really interested in becoming a sports broadcaster because of my knowledge and intrigue in professional sports, so I decided to major in communication studies to develop broadcasting skills. Since starting college, I have switched my interests to religion and social media managing.

My college journey thus far has allowed me to develop communication, leadership, and work ethic skills useful for any career I decide to pursue after graduation. I have joined Young Life, acted as an advocate for the organization with people who are interested in growing in their faith, and assisted in operations at a camp called Rockbridge, which is the second largest year-round camp. I also have learned and established the importance of forming strong relationships with the people around me. Working hard and positively impacting other people’s lives are what brings much joy to me because I enjoy the feeling of using my knowledge and experiences to help others. In the future, I will look to obtain an internship with a local church to gain experience with working in a religion-based job. From there, I would like to work my way up to be a social media manager for a Christian organization. My main passion is introducing god and Jesus to people who are in need and act as a mentor to them.