Course Journals

For this course, we were required to read specified chapters from the textbook Rhetoric in Civic Life by Catherine Helen Palezewski, Richard Ice, and John Fritch. After reading the specified chapters, we were then required to complete a journal entry for each chapter that presented at least three takeaway points from the chapter with supporting details from the text in order to demonstrate our comprehension of the reading. The chapters in the text discussed a wide variety of information and topics such as language, visual rhetoric, symbolic action, rhetorical situations, and publics and counterpublics. Learning and comprehending these various topics specifically related to the course learning outcome #2: understand the nature of public discourse/debate as determined by purpose, audience, and context. By defining and describing what purpose, audience, and context means in the sense of rhetoric, the journal entries allowed me to understand and utilize these topics in further and more expansive assignments later in the semester. The fundamental aspects of purpose, audience, and context also allow me to engage in public discourse and debate within my community. This assignment was slightly difficult because it forced me to understand the content on my own, based solely on what I read, but it also forced me to think critically and independently which was beneficial to my understanding of rhetoric and active citizenship.