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Remember, the greatest gift is not found in a store nor under a tree, but in the hearts of true friends.

I’m taking a wild guess that as you read that statement, you thought of a friend or friends that you think of dearly and maybe this person doesn’t live close to you. The thought of not having a best friend close to you can be disappointing, but it is something we all go through.

Kelly and I at her birthday party at Applebees back in 2012. Photo by me

As I am writing to you today, I have a best friend that doesn’t live close to me. In fact, try hours away! Her name is Kelly. I met her about five years ago at work. It was her first day on the job so guess who had to train her? Me. At first, we didn’t “click”; we had opposing views and she always looked mean. I’m sure people think I’m mean since I look mean as well. (Whoops, sorry about it) As time passed, we began to click; I began to get to know her, hang out with her outside of work, and ultimately, we bonded. We became “besties” and rumor had it that we were dating (not my type). However, when she decided to find a new job and move, I felt a little abandoned. However, we both promised to stay in touch as often as possible.

What is a Long Distance Friend?

In this article, apparently there are five types of friends to have and one of them are long-distance friendships(labeled “Commitment Friends” in the article). I was reading another article that says this: “The number of friends who you feel that deep connection with are few. Most of us can count on one hand the friends who we most dearly trust and count as truly close. And it takes a lifetime to build those kind of friendships.” If you thought that quote touched you, you are on the same boat as me. We all have a friend or friends who we think of dearly, do anything for them, etc. but here is the kicker, they may live a great distance from us.

Kelly and I at work back in 2011. My forehead just shining! Photo by me

Friends of the Heart

In the textbook by Julia Wood she talks about Friends of the Heart which she describes this as friends who remain close despite any distance or circumstance. When it comes to my friendship with Kelly I mean, Kelly (I gave her that nickname because she thinks she can sing like her and she gave me Jason Derulo because…well I’m not really sure ), that is us. We text each other often to see how the other is doing, help each other out if we are going through something, etc. Of course, sometimes our lives become too invested in what’s going on outside our friendship, we don’t text or talk to one another as often. However, when we finally do actually have face-to-face time, it’s like we haven’t left at all and picked up where we left off. Our friendship is the same, if not better. We talk about everything such as chick flicks, guys, work, the occasional gross humor, etc. The distance or sometimes lack of communication doesn’t damage our friendship at all. I’m sure you have someone you can call Friend of the Heart; you live a distance from each other but keep in contact and when you finally do get together, it’s like neither of you left each other. In this article you can learn six tips on how to manage long distance best friends.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (Totally thought of the TV Show)

What is exactly a friend? Well, I think we all have different views on what a friend is. Is it someone you consider to be someone who will go out of their way for you or someone who likes to be goofy with you? Or both? There are many possibilities but my definition of a friend is someone who one can be there for you and where you can be yourself with and one where distance can’t harm the friendship. That is a long distance friendship and it is important to know how to figure out your own long distance friendship that is worth that label as well as to manage that friendship. By evaluating and analyzing all my friendships after my experience with Friends of the Heart, I was able to pick Kelly as my Friend of the Heart. As you’ve read this, I hope you had someone who is close to you in mind. Now go and give them a call and tell them you’ve been thinking about them. Aw! 🙂

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