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Hi all, my name is Jason Brown but most call me Jay. I am a student at Longwood University and I am majoring in Communication Studies with a concentration of Mass Media. I live in Prospect, Virginia. I am a struggling college student and by that I mean, I go to school and maintain a job in the fast food industry. Balancing the two is hard enough but when you add in a social life, it gets even harder. However, like I’ve said many times, there are no dull moments in the life of Brown.

When it comes to my experience with interpersonal communication and that I mentioned that I’m in the fast food industry, my skills are ever changing and expanding. Since I’ve been in the customer service industry for years and years, I’ve learned about the variety of customers that one in the industry can encounter on a daily basis as well as ways to interact with such customers. I know that we’ve all had rude interactions with customers or even people that you see in public, communication is very important in such situations. That is why I’m thankful for taking classes at Longwood University. I learning more and more about communications every day.

I’ve also learned a lot in my Communication classes such as learning to having a “conversation” in Public Speaking 101 as well as conveying the intended message in media from the class of Print and Digital Design 251.In my public speaking class, we had to get up in front of the class(which we hardly knew) and talk about what we knew. Four months or so have passed and the classmates became like family and friends and we had to redo our speech about what we knew. However, this time, it became like a conversation. I was always the shy and quiet guy, but that class helped me learn the importance of public speaking. In my Print and Digital Design class, the goal was to learn how to convey the right and intended message to the public with media such as newspaper, magazine, website, etc. It was a very fun class and it helped me build this website. By taking this 310 Interpersonal Communication class, I hope to have my horizons broaden in the communication aspect. I know there is so much more to learn and apply to daily life and honestly, I’m eager to learn something new.

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  1. Katherine Vaughn says:

    Hey there! It’s good to meet you!

    It tends to be difficult to find others who are on the Mass Media track. Probably 90% of my Comm 200 class was going towards the Public Relations side and I think us Mass Media folks need to stick together! I think it’s pretty interesting that you keep up work and school AND try to maintain a social life – I’m not as successful at it, so good job. Starting off in Public Speaking (I had Scarrow) can be pretty intimidating, but I think it definitely helps us with our communication skills. Like you, I enjoy learning new things each day and hope that this class will offer us more information and knowledge in Communications that will help us in our future film careers! 😀

    Talk to you soon! -Katie

    • Emily Leonard says:


      First of all, i’m really excited to have another class with you! I loved being in public speaking together, and I completely agree with what you said about how we were nervous at first but by the end we were all just so close and comfortable. It was awesome to get to know everyone in that class, and hear each other’s stories, and learn about our lives. The class really opened my eyes to how different of people we all were, yet we were still able to relate and come together as one.

      Also, I can relate to your experiences both good and bad, within your workplace history. It is very hard to keep a smile on and serve someone who is blatantly being rude to you! Yet, it is very necessary because you are on the side that has to stay as professional as possible.

      Again, i’m excited to move further into COMM with you!!

      Emily Leonard

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